Every year on 19 January, Orthodox Christians celebrate one of the key religious holidays, which opened a new page in the history of Christianity, the Baptism of the Lord. That will come to Earth Mission, the believers knew long before his birth the Savior was promised to the old Testament. For a long time for Christ took different prophets, including the old hermit of St. John the Forerunner, which became subsequently the Baptist Jesus himself. The time of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the waters of the Jordan river was the first public event with the participation of the Savior, the life of which is practically unknown. It was during the baptism God announced to all present that before them the Son of God and Savior.

The rite of baptism with water not only survived in our time, but is one of the most important in the spiritual life of every believer. That is why on 19 January, the Baptism is celebrated not only the Church service, but water lighting, which according to legend, this day has unique healing properties. In addition, the faithful will greet each other on this important holiday, prepare wishes in verse and prose. Below you will find a beautiful, funny, short for SMS and cards, congratulations on the Baptism of our Lord 2017.

Beautiful congratulations in the verses with Baptism of our Lord 2017

In 2017 Epiphany Orthodox Christians will celebrate on January 19. This holiday has a clear date and every year is celebrated on the same day. Baptism completes a series of Christmas holidays – Christmas holidays, starting with Christmas eve on 6 January. Baptism involves a lot of ecclesiastical and folk rituals, including a tradition of congratulations. As a rule, most believers choose beautiful birthday poems for Baptism of the Lord 2017. This choice is largely determined by the fact that poems have the ability to convey high spirituality and the importance of Epiphany. Next, you will find a beautiful collection of congratulatory verses on the Baptism of our Lord 2017, including for SMS.

Today is special —

And this day let it be

For worldly goods basis.

So thoughts were

Clean and unselfish,

So sincerely appreciated

What is given to you from above.

And so the peace of mind,

And my heart is only joy.

And that is not overpowered

You sadness, sorrow and weakness.

God bless grief,

Against misfortune and from bad weather.

With Epiphany water

Come love and happiness.

Let it be a home filled with happiness,

Let it calm, success.

And let the baptism of light holiday

Brings You kindness and laughter!

Warmth in his heart and faith in a miracle

Good children and grandchildren.

Let it be kind to You people.

Have a happy and long days!

Day saints, the blessed

On The Lord's Day Baptism

With a true Epiphany!

Let is come upon you Holy

God's grace is big,

The angel next to let fly.

Don't lose faith in what

Everything will be fine.

May it helps you —

The path of faithful guides!

Funny congratulations on the Baptism of our Lord 2017 for friends and acquaintances

Despite the fact that Baptism is a major Orthodox holiday, many today refer to his celebration quite freely and that is called "my way." In other words, not all the believers on this day go to Church to worship, dive into the hole and prepare the blessed water for the future. However, it is worth noting that most people are still Baptized congratulations to your friends, family, and friends funny wishes. And let Baptism is not celebrated with the same scale as Christmas or Easter, this holiday and today remains one of the most important for all Orthodox Christians. Don't forget about it and be sure to congratulate each other on 19 January, at least via SMS. And our next selection of funny congratulations on Baptism for friends and acquaintances to help you with this.

In the Epiphany frosts

Let Holy water

With souls just like you!

And the troubles forever.

With The Baptism Of The Lord.

Let the grace of God

Come upon you today,

So light to illuminate.

With the Baptism I congratulate.

I wish you happiness, troubles do not know.

And that health was strong,

It's time to ice dive!

Good for you, prosperity — home

Even in a life ruled by grace.

Don't you know no problems, no grief

And all the bad things to forget!

Good news are:

Holiday bright on the nose!

With him, I congratulate you,

In the hole to be wish

To all your hardships

Washed away in the baptism of water.

Best congratulations in the verses with Baptism on January 19, 2017.

There are many traditions associated with Baptism on January 19. One of them is that to be healthy the whole year, it is imperative to plunge into Epiphany ice hole. It is believed that during Christ's baptism the waters of the Jordan gained healing properties. Hence the tradition to plunge into the hole after reading prayers over the pond to this day. However, in most modern cities, this ritual has undergone changes, and, at best, a wash to occur in domestic baths at dawn. However, you can always remind you about the importance of preserving ancient Christian traditions on 19 Jan 2017 Baptism with the best congratulations in the verses to SMS. Just select a beautiful greeting for SMS with a reference to the main baptismal rites and SMS will remind loved ones about the great holiday and its traditions. Confident that such greetings will not only please the attention but will also bring benefit to his destination. Best congratulations in the verses to 19 Jan 2017 Baptism to free will find on.

Let Epiphany frosts

Together with Holy water

Will take You from threats.

And disease side

To get around You definitely will

In this and no doubt,

Because water Epiphany miracle

Protects You from all ills!

In the light of the Lord's day Baptism

I wish you all of the earth's bounty.

Let the body and soul cleansing

This day to You from heaven descend.

Worldly goods and God's grace

Wish I want now.

Let everything be on time and by the way,

May God bless You all.

Let everything in life come easily to You.

And let the baptismal water,

Today along the docks,

Will wash away all the bad forever!

May God protect you from all sorrow and adversity,

And I wish you only happiness,

Good luck on the way to,

Left guiding star.

And even in that bitter cold

The soul lived in the spring, bloomed to the rose.

From Epiphany congratulate You

And may God bless all in good time!

Touching prose congratulations on the Baptism of 2017

Unlike poems, touching congratulations on the Baptism of 2017 in prose have a more mundane character. Of course, they have such high spiritual power, as in the poems, even options for SMS. But the very form of the prose implies the simplicity of presentation greetings that is not reflected on their beauty and warmth. Touching greetings in prosaic form for the Baptism of 2017, which you will find next, direct proof. They are concise, making them a great option for short greetings SMS, but very meaningful in content. In addition, congratulations in prose on Baptism is quite versatile – you can always change or add a few words of congratulations from myself. And most importantly – greetings Baptism is always a pleasure to hear in a personal meeting, telephone conversation or by text.

I congratulate You with the greatest Orthodox feast of the Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord. I wish You came down God's Holy grace to body and soul, Olivas Holy water, filled with health, ease, joy, went to the pain, disappointment, frustration, hatred and vices, and to replace them in my heart was peace, peace and harmony!

Epiphany is one of the most ancient Christian holidays, the day the soul is cleansed from vanity and sorrow, filled with a higher meaning, light, kindness, love, let the bitter cold has not cooled her. Wish You have the best people, let, peace, beauty, happiness in the family, let the happy star lights the way for you!

The baptism of the Lord bring prosperity, tranquility, good luck, good friends, good experiences, fun times, confidence in each day and the most robust health ever!

Short congratulations for sms on Epiphany in verse

Baptism is certainly one of the most important holidays for Christians. Why not greet your Orthodox friends, relatives, colleagues 19 Jan 2017 baptism of the Lord, is simply unacceptable. Of course, ideally congratulations on the Baptism should sound for General festive table after attending Church services and Epiphany bathing in the pond. But alas, to observe all the ancient rites of this holiday in the modern city is quite difficult. Even gathering a large company of friends and relatives to the Baptism at the same table not all turns out. In this case, come to the rescue of modern ways of greetings, for example, postcards and texts. Short greetings for SMS on Baptism are both in prose and in verse. But most of all, to congratulate loved ones choose options in the verses. All because short greetings for SMS on Baptism in verses fits in perfectly with the small size of SMS messages. Next, you will find a beautiful collection of short greetings for SMS on Baptism in verse. Believe that any of these greetings will help you to congratulate worthy dear to your heart people with important feast of the Baptism!

Baptism Of The Lord,

Day great, Holy,

Let your heart warm

Health, confidence, strength.