He is deadly pale, does not tolerate sunlight and goes out hunting every night to satisfy an unbearable hunger. A few words are enough for everyone to understand - it's about vampires. What is the secret of the frenzied popularity of "vampire themes"? Maybe the fact that the works with the participation of vampires are fascinating, incredibly beautiful and pleasantly tickle your nerves?

In particular, if we talk about musicals, that is, such productions, where not only performership is at the height - the plot and humor of the characters are also impressive. This can be said about the musical "The Ball of Vampires", which is a scenic interpretation of the film by Roman Polanski "Fearless Vampire Slayers" (1967). At one time the film was a success in the film distribution, so producer Andrew Brownsberg suggested Polanski in 1993 to create a musical. 4 years, librettist Michael Kunze and well-known composer Jim Steinman, together with Roman Polanski, worked on a musical. The premiere took place in Vienna in the theater "Raymund" in 1997, and to this day the musical does not lose its popularity.

The plot is close to the classical one. Snow-capped peaks of the Alps, a gloomy castle where, according to rumors, a vampire family lives, courageous explorers who have come "from the big earth" and striving to reveal all the secrets of the inhabitants of the castle. There is a lot of humor in the musical. For example, the remark of one of the heroes that if a vampire is an orthodox Jew, then it is useless to frighten him with a crucifixion.

Music, scenography, scenery, choreography and talent of vocalists are all at the highest level. And not only in European productions, on the Russian stage in the interpretation of our artists, the musical is simply stunning. No wonder the Russian performers of the leading roles studied "vampire singing and mastery" from the very Roman Polanski in Paris.

The world famous performance "The Vampire Ball" was already seen by the spectators of St. Petersburg, and not once. In Moscow, the musical has no less success.

The Moscow production is distinguished by an amazing combination of a very realistic frightening mystical situation, for the creation of which the newest technical means and techniques have been applied. In the musical note the abundance of black humor. Although, according to Roman Polanski, this is not a parody, it seems that the maestro is not telling something - it was so amusing to embody the "vampire" plot.

Many spectators note the "magic timbre" of the performer of the role of the main vampire - Count von Krolock. (The Vampire Ball)

However, laughter with laughter, and an ambiguous final for sure will make you a couple of times nervously look back after leaving the theater: of course, there are no vampires, but you never know ...

By the way, "Vampire Ball" is not the only musical about vampires. In 2006, on Broadway, Lestat was staged, an interpretation of Anne Rice's novel series of horrors, The Vampire Chronicles.

Lestat, 2006 Broadway

The plot is built on the canvas of the novel "Vampire Lestat", which tells about the two hundred-year life of a vampire, about the relationship of a vampire and his childhood friend - violinist Nicolas. The musical is full of tragedy. And if in the "Vampire Ball" the authors ironically over the pathetic dichotomy of good and evil, then everything is serious. The thirst for blood and power, betrayal, dooming a friend to eternal suffering and "vampire" life.

This musical was staged later "The Vampire's Ball" - in 2005 in San Francisco. The premiere received a flurry of criticism, but after "Lestat" went on Broadway stage, and although the criticism was softer, all the viewers did not get the musical approval.

And despite the serious investments ($ 15 million by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.), Elton John's fine music and the talent of artists, the musical lasted only 33 preliminary shows and 39 performances. The project was demoted. The reason is the reaction of the audience. The musical did not like, it was too pessimistic, according to the majority.

Modern musical Polanski boasts a much happier fate, since 1997, the year he continues to put on a theatrical stage, USA, France, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, France, and Russia. Do not miss you – you can buy tickets on the website balvampires.ru .

We recommend you watch both musicals ("Lestat" can be found on the net) and spend a nice time surrounded by charming vampires. And if you're lucky - make a photo for memory!

Photo with the characters "The Vampire's Ball"