The best gift is one that is made with love. Those who are tired of searching unique items for a loved one, the company Stick Art offers to create one. Art project domestic brand exclusive pattern, made in the style of any famous artist. No borders or boundaries – anyone can become the author of the cartoons, landscape, still life and even portrait. Team Stick Art it is only necessary to agree on the details: dimensions, color palette, story and genre of the future creation. Specialists will take the selected image on the canvas made of thick cotton, pack a set of paints, brushes, special film and send.

A family portrait will decorate the interior of a bedroom

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The drawing process is simple and addictive: you first need to randomly paint the canvas, wait for it to dry, then apply the colored base film and thoroughly smooth. The final step is careful removal of the adhesive. The painting is finished: it only remains to put on her autograph, to cover with lacquer finish and choose an elegant frame.

Joint work – pleasant leisure for a friendly company

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