Russia can be proud of the greatest number of holidays. Only in the winter we officially rest from work two weeks! Of course, the majority of non-working days fall on January, when the whole country plunges first into the New Year's and then to the Christmas fairy tale and the Old New Year. A respite of a little longer than a month to some of our compatriots is given so that they can have a good rest from numerous delicacies on the table, toasts and congratulations and are prepared for the main holiday of all men - Defender of the Fatherland Day! Fans of feasts and banquets, domestic gatherings and recreation have since 2002 been happy to introduce this holiday as a state weekend. In 2017, congratulations on February 23, the man can do, starting the day before - February 22, also declared a non-working day. These days, following the traditions that have developed over the decades, men become real daughters of female attention. Colleagues-women invite them to corporate parties dedicated to the celebration; prepare for them presents, souvenirs, concert performances with the most ridiculous numbers. The authorities on Fatherland Defender's Day accept to congratulate officially, in prose, while handing the boss a valuable gift. Children who are serving in the Army, relatives and friends send short SMS with humor, wishing them to successfully finish their service and return home as soon as possible. Schoolgirls congratulate classmates, giving them personally signed cards with funny pictures and poems about the service and protection of the Motherland. As jokes among the people, it is on February 23 that Russia remains "without protection" - men accept congratulations!

Funny congratulations on the Day of February 23 for men - Wonderful verses with humorous colleagues

Originally celebrated as the Day of the Russian (Soviet) Army, on February 23, the holiday gradually acquired a different status - the day of all men. In no working group Day of the defender of the Fatherland can not do without congratulations. Every man, especially working in the midst of female colleagues, receives as much attention as he does not see for the rest of the year. Ladies are literally showering male colleagues with compliments, gifts; invite them to attend speeches organized in their honor.

Examples of funny congratulations from February 23 to men - Poems to colleagues at work

The simplest, but always desired by men, option congratulations colleagues on the holiday on February 23 - the organization of a corporate or banquet in the workplace or with the departure. If the weather allows, Defender of the Fatherland Day can be celebrated in nature, frying shish kebabs on the frost. Excellent rest is obtained in the office as well - the heart of the culprits of the celebration rejoices at the sight of the working classrooms turned into a place for a holiday. Congratulating the male colleagues, the ladies organize a table breaking from household dishes. At the table, each toast in verse, pronounced in honor of men, becomes a cheerful, cool congratulation on the Day of February 23!

We are going to congratulate you on February 23.
  We thought and conferred what it is better to wish.
  And we want a lot of money, an indefinite ruble,
  In a mug of beer - frothy caps, in hands - from the sky of a crane.

Win teams even in football, and in hockey,
  For which you have long and painfully ached.
  Let you be lucky in fishing, let the hunt be happiness.
  What you want - we do not mind - we will wish it overnight.

Look, be surprised,
  Who keeps his native Russia?
  My soldier, a great knight,
  Oh, I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid!

Musicians, pour into the harp,
  Raise the flag higher,
  My favorite armored car,
  A strategic hamster!

We will buy a cake, we squeeze a candy -
  Eh, was not there! -
  What fighters size gun carriage?
  The length of the trunk is important here!

Today is a man's feast,
  Today is a man's day!
  We congratulate you
  Defender of our own!
  Let the strength, courage, courage -
  Will always be with you!

Dear colleagues, I congratulate you,
  The defenders of my country,
  And only peace on earth I wish,
  And that the nightingales would sing!

So that there were no bombardments and cellars,
  And the children were not afraid to go out,
  And in the courtyards frolicked and played,
  And joyfully they were in the world to live!

That the war never touched you,
  Hands are tenacious, cold, like steel,
  A happy life you just smiled,
  Gone with heart and sorrow, and sadness!

Funny congratulations on February 23 for men - Funny verses and cards with humor

Sometimes men, surrounded by caress and attention on February 23, start to suspect that such excessive concern to them from women is dictated by selfish motives - the desire to give the same, and even the best, greetings on March 8! Of course, these are only humorous judgments - in fact, every woman wants to please friends, close men and relatives on Defender of the Fatherland Day. When still a beautiful half of humanity is so kind to men, no matter how February 23?

Examples of cheerful greeting cards with humorous verses for men on February 23

The easiest and inexpensive way to congratulate a man on February 23 is to give him a postcard signed with humorous verses. Gone are the days when the day of the Soviet Army was the official holiday of "harsh warriors" - now on the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland all men, ranging from boys of kindergarten age and ending with elderly, but not old-hearted men, are having fun.

You'll wake up very early, get up quickly from the couch,
  Open the door and receive the parcel!
  There came gas masks and PVC suits,
  Quickly get dressed - the rest is nonsense.
  With a ballistic missile you will meet when I return,
  I'll go with you on reconnaissance, do not be afraid, I'm not afraid!
  I'll make a table with grenades, let them explode on the table,
  With the 23rd I congratulate you, the best you are on the whole earth!

Valentine's Day went out
  The turn of men has come,
  We congratulated all of us,
  Now we congratulate those who have served.

So that in your life there was a lot of happiness,
  So that all misfortunes are left behind,
  To life was only a good fairy tale,
  To relatives surrounded by warmth and affection

SMS congratulations to men on the Day of February 23 - Short congratulatory phone messages

All men who serve in the army, defending our Motherland on land, in the air and at sea, such brothers and husbands and fathers who are close to us, can be congratulated on February 23 with a short telephone message - SMS. It happens that a person far from the army lives so far that the only way to say "congratulations" to him on the Defender of the Fatherland Day is SMS.

Variants of short SMS to men - Phone greetings on the Day of February 23

Congratulating the real warriors, defenders of the Fatherland on February 23, you will let them know that they are expected, loved, valued, respected. Today, almost all have smartphones that allow you to install special SMS-applications. With their help you can send a short congratulatory phone message to a man who is far from home and from you.

February 23 is the day of protection,
  And we congratulate you men,
  Be strong like lions,
  After all, you are a support, and we so need.

You want to protect,
  To the strength was complete!
  For happiness to be with you,
  So that in business always was lucky!

Let your holiday is not so good,
  As a woman on the eighth of March.
  But congratulations do not lie,
  And that love that is pleasant.

We congratulate you on the Day of Defender!
  In this glorious, special hour -
  We, with great respect,
  To be equal only to you.

Short congratulations on February 23 in his words to male colleagues - Official congratulations to the chief in prose

Every year on February 23, employees of all work collectives agree in advance on how to congratulate the boss and his male colleagues from February 23. As a rule, the boss congratulates him officially, in prose. In the team, a person is selected who gives a gift to the chief, and the rest of the staff joins the congratulations, wishing the boss his own words, in prose, prosperity and prosperity.

Examples of official congratulations to colleagues and the head in prose

Congratulating the senior colleagues on work and the chief, it is better to choose an official tone. On this page we give examples of how to correctly write a congratulation in prose, in your own words. It is best to do this in advance by writing your short speech on a big card by February 23rd.

I congratulate you on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland - a holiday of courage, nobility and honor! With all my heart I wish you creative successes, happiness, prosperity and all the best! Let the difficulties encountered on your path be always easily overcome. Strong health, warmth and festive mood!

Dear our men! We congratulate you on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland! It is a feast of real men: those who build our future not only on the battlefield, but also in ordinary, everyday life; those who give us confidence in the future; those who take on the solution of problems, allowing us to remain women!
  Let your life be filled with bright events, successes and achievements, and the heart is warmed by attention, love and care of relatives and friends!

Accept the most sincere congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day! I wish you health, prosperity, happiness to your relatives and relatives, confidence in the future and bright hopes for the future, pep of spirit, creative inspiration and inexhaustible energy!

The most ridiculous congratulations of men on February 23 - Wishes for friends in cool short poems

If you congratulate close men and friends on February 23, do it funny. Prepare friends and relatives for fun gifts and funny wishes in verse. In the funniest lines on Defender of the Fatherland Day, men are usually compared to "eagles", "cheetahs," "lions"; they are talked about, deliberately exaggerating the virtues and positive aspects of the character.

Variants of the funniest congratulations of men in verses on February 23

To congratulate your man from February 23, you do not need to run to the store for an expensive gift. Ironically, a strong half of humanity appreciates the attention and care for them more refined presents. Stuffed with love sweet pies seem to them much more delicious than the most rare overseas delicacies, and funny and kind congratulations in verses sound like the best compliments.

Man - you're buffalo, man - you're a tank!
  You do not burn in a fire, you do not drown in an all-terrain vehicle.
  You can withstand hundreds of attacks,
  You are superman, you are a fierce warrior!
  And the sword-kladenets you have under the pillow,
  And if you give someone a kiss,
  Then a simple frog becomes princess.
  Oh, the magic of power! Nature, rejoice!

Cap so you face to face
  And the triple "Hooray!"
  It sounds like a roll on the parade ground,
  Rising up, to the eagle's nest.

The shoulder straps grew to the shoulders ...
  Chest wheel ... Direct to become ...
  Hooray! - you scream at night,
  Without stopping to advance.

Hooray! - sounds a mighty system,
  The salute tears the sky of February ...
  You are my man, my hero!
  Catch the present - it's me!

On this glorious winter day,
  Overcoming laziness,
  Every man looks cheetah,
  Even if he himself is a seal.

To our dear peasants
  Let's wish for ages
  Strength, vigilance, courage
  And a tight purse!

Preparing the greetings from February 23, men, use our tips and tips. Pay attention to examples of congratulations and wishes to relatives and close men, colleagues, boss or friends. You can choose any of them or make up your funny congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day. Whatever form of wishes you choose for February 23 - humorous verses, funny postcards, short SMS or even official speeches in prose, try to make them personal. Wishing men good on their day, do not use pattern phrases and remain sincere.