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  • PVA glue
  • gouache and brush
  • scissors

Instructions for DIY "Airplane" with their hands for the older group of kindergarten on February 23

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  4. Glue each piece of tube to the fender. Also we coat with white glue part of the frame, which will come into contact with the second wing.
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  • kitchen dish sponge – 2 PCs.
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a simple pencil
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  • coin


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DIY on February 23 with their hands for daddy to school for 3-4 grade, step-by-step master class with photo



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  • straws for drinks
  • stapler
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  • scissors


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  6. At the end of the inserted ping-pong table in the cabin. For lack of a bulb, can be used, for example, a bulb from old roll-on deodorant or half of the package from kinder surprise.



Materials for paper crafts with your own hands on February 23 for children

Instructions on how to make original crafts out of paper "Shirt" on February 23 for children

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  5. At the next stage via the pre-bent lines and folded the edges of the sheet inside.
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  7. Gently straighten and iron more clearly place the new bends.
  8. Overturn the workpiece on the wrong side and make a small bend about 2-3 cm inside.
  9. Turn over the sheet. Capturing new padding and some do not bring to the joint in the middle, bend the corners inwards. This will be the collar of our shirts.
  10. Now fold the workpiece in half so that the widest part with the outer angles turned out to be under the collar. Carefully ironed all of the folds, so that the work piece holding good form.
  11. Left to cut out of coloured paper in a contrasting color tie or a bow tie and glue to the base of the collar. Ready! Inside the shirt you can put a small photograph or a card with nice wishes.

DIY on February 23 with their hands out napkins in the younger group of a kindergarten, video