Crafts on February 23 with their own hands can be called the most traditional version of children's gifts for the popes and grandfathers for Defender of the Fatherland Day. From what only materials do not create gifts hands of small masters! In addition to the simplest options, such as paper and napkins, the original crafts by February 23 are made of chocolates, ribbons, chopsticks and even kitchen sponges. The versatility and availability of such raw materials makes it possible to use them with equal success both in the junior and senior groups of the kindergarten and in the primary school. Of course, master classes with photos and videos of children's crafts for different ages differ in terms of complexity and technique. Therefore, in our today's article, we tried to collect for you the simplest, but original step-by-step master-classes of crafts for children on the Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23 of the available materials.

Beautiful crafts for February 23 "Airplanes" with their own hands for the senior group of the kindergarten, step by step with the photo

The first to offer you a step-by-step master class of beautiful crafts on February 23 "Airplanes" for yourselves for the senior group of the kindergarten with a photo. Such crafts will become both an excellent gift for the pope, and a good toy for the child. How to make a beautiful and original hand-made on February 23 in the form of airplanes with your own hands with the children of the older group of kindergarten find out more.

Necessary materials for crafts "Airplane" with their own hands on February 23 in kindergarten

  • wooden sticks for ice cream - 8 pcs.
  • a tube for water - 1 pc.
  • PVA glue
  • gouache and brush
  • scissors

Instructions for DIY "Airplane" with their hands for the older group of kindergarten on February 23

  1. The first step is to create a skeleton for our aircraft. To do this, you need to glue together 5 sticks for ice cream with the help of PVA glue.
  2. Then take another stick and glue it to the frame, retreating from the edge about 1-2 cm. This will be the wing of our aircraft. Ideally for him, you should take the wand wider, but the same stick as for the carcass will do.
  3. Now take a tube for water and cut off a piece, the width of which must match the width of the frame of the aircraft. There are two such pieces.
  4. Glue each piece of tube to the fender. Also we coat with white glue part of the frame, which will come into contact with the second wing.
  5. Gently glue the second wing of the aircraft.
  6. Cut another stick for ice cream in half, round off the corners and paste, as in the photo below.
  7. We pass to the propeller: we divide the ice cream stick in half, round off the corners. Fold the two parts together and glue the joint with glue. From above, you can also glue a half of a bead or a small button.
  8. We paint the plane with the help of gouache and brush. For example, you can decorate the craft in a traditional green range for the military colors of khaki or in the colors of the national flag. And you can just paint in your favorite colors.
  9. We give the artwork completely dry and glue the propeller to the nose of the aircraft. Done!

A simple handmade "Tank" for children of 4-5 years on February 23 with their own hands, a master class with a photo

Since military paraphernalia is the main theme of handicrafts on February 23 for children of 4-5 years, we suggest that you master the manufacture of a tank from simple improvised materials. This time, the most common kitchen sponges for washing dishes will be used. More details on how to make a simple handmade "Tank" for children of 4-5 years on February 23 with their own hands, learn from the master class below.

The necessary materials for a simple craft item "Tank" on February 23 for children 4-5 years old

  • kitchen dish sponge – 2 PCs.
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a simple pencil
  • beverage can
  • coin

Instructions for crafting a tank with their own hands for children 4-5 years on 23 February

  1. To make a tank, you need two jaws with a hard base for cleaning dishes, preferably green. One of the sponges separates the hard part with scissors.
  2. We take a coin of 2 rubles and draw a blank for the caterpillars of the tank with a simple pencil on the hard part. You can also use a marker or marker.
  3. Carefully cut out the resulting blanks and glue to the sides of the whole sponge. It is most convenient to work with a glue gun, but only under the supervision of adults.
  4. A pipe for drinks is cut in half - it will serve as a muzzle of the tank. From the remaining soft part of the first sponge, cut out two blanks. One will become the tower of the tank, and the second will be attached to the end of the barrel.
  5. Make small holes in the blanks from the sponge, pat the ends of the tube with glue and assemble the structure, as shown in the photo below.
  6. It remains to paste the finished tower to the base of the tank. As a decoration, you can cut out a red star from colored paper and decorate it with a tower. To fasten a star it is possible by means of glue or a bilateral adhesive tape.

DIY on February 23 with their hands for daddy to school for 3-4 grade, step-by-step master class with photo

Continuing the theme of military equipment, we move on to the next master class of crafts "Helicopter" on February 23 with our own hands from the materials for 3-4 grades of the school, which is ideal for a gift to the Pope. Of course, handicrafts on February 23 with their own hands for the pope in the school for grade 3-4 differ in the complexity of the implementation of options for younger children. For example, to make a helicopter from this master class you need to be able to accurately and accurately work with a stapler and scissors.

Necessary materials for crafts for the Pope on February 23 to school

  • plastic bottle with convex top
  • straws for drinks
  • stapler
  • hairpin
  • ball for ping-pong
  • scissors

Instructions for crafts on February 23 for the father to school their own hands for 3-4 classes

  1. It is desirable to take a small bottle with a pronounced convex upper part. Tighten the lid tightly and use a pair of scissors to make a neat hole in it. The diameter of the hole must match the diameter of the beverage tube.
  2. Cut the bottle. For the craft, you will need an upper part with a neck and a convex part and a small piece in the form of an arc, as in the photo below.
  3. Now take the tubes for drinks and cut them so that the parts with the bending tips are a little shorter than the straight pieces. For the helicopter, we need three pieces with flexible tips and two straight pieces of tubes.
  4. Let's move on to assembling the helicopter. Two short pieces of a tube with flexible tips are connected together by means of an arch and stapler brackets. Straight pieces of tubes are crossed together and fixed together with a sewing pin or clerical hairpin. The last piece of the tube with flexible ends is inserted into the lid.
  5. Now with the help of a stapler we connect the cabin and the helipads, as shown in the photo.
  6. At the end of the inserted ping-pong table in the cabin. For lack of a bulb, can be used, for example, a bulb from old roll-on deodorant or half of the package from kinder surprise.

Original hand-made paper "Shirt" for children on February 23 with their own hands, step by step with the photo

The original addition to the gift on February 23 with their own hands will be a hand-made paper "Shirt" for children, which can be used for decor as well as as a postcard. The best for this version of the original craft paper made of paper "Shirt" for children on February 23 with their own hands will fit a thick multi-colored or simply colored paper. You can also take plain paper and print the desired ornament on the printer, for example, military coloring.

Materials for paper crafts with your own hands on February 23 for children

Instructions on how to make original crafts out of paper "Shirt" on February 23 for children

  1. To decorate the craft "Shirt" you will need a sheet of rectangular form of colored paper. The width of the sheet should be about 5-7 centimeters shorter than the length.
  2. Fold a piece of paper in half in width. Carefully iron the line.
  3. We unfold the sheet and fold each half in half again.
  4. Now turn the workpiece vertically and bend the upper corners inwards, as shown in the photo below.
  5. At the next stage via the pre-bent lines and folded the edges of the sheet inside.
  6. Then bend the top of the leaf, as shown in the photo below. While holding the fingers of the joint in the middle and gently twisting the upper corners out.
  7. Gently straighten and iron more clearly place the new bends.
  8. Overturn the workpiece on the wrong side and make a small bend about 2-3 cm inside.
  9. Turn over the sheet. Capturing new padding and some do not bring to the joint in the middle, bend the corners inwards. This will be the collar of our shirts.
  10. Now fold the workpiece in half so that the widest part with the outer angles turned out to be under the collar. Carefully ironed all of the folds, so that the work piece holding good form.
  11. Left to cut out of coloured paper in a contrasting color tie or a bow tie and glue to the base of the collar. Ready! Inside the shirt you can put a small photograph or a card with nice wishes.

DIY on February 23 with their hands out napkins in the younger group of a kindergarten, video

Original handmade items on February 23, you can make with your own hands and from ordinary napkins, for example, cards for the younger group of kindergarten, as in the video lesson. If you want, you can replace wipes with corrugated or ordinary colored paper, but with such materials it is easier to work with children from the older group, or even in elementary school. As in any other step-by-step master class, the level of complexity of performing such hand-made cards on February 23 with your hands from napkins in the younger group of the kindergarten can be regulated. For example, add a hand-painted greeting inscription for the father / grandfather or decorate such a technique with a basic gift.