Who said that the original and beautiful gift for mom or grandmother on March 8 can only be bought? In fact, the most expensive, touching and pleasant gift can be done only independently and often from simple materials at hand. For example, an excellent gift for March 8 with your own hands for a mother, grandmother, sister or girlfriend can be made from colored paper, fabric, felt or even sweets. Of course, the complexity of such step-by-step master classes largely depends on the children, what age they are intended for. It's clear that, for babies in kindergarten, hand-made gifts on March 8 will be much easier and easier to perform than for the same elementary school students. However, as practice shows, in our country mothers and grandmothers in the International Women's Day are the main attention, and not an expensive or complex present. Therefore, in our today's article, we tried to collect for you simple, but original master classes of gifts with photos and videos on March 8 with your own hands for little masters. We hope that they will certainly please your favorite women!

How to make a gift on March 8 with their hands out of paper, a master class for kindergarten

For the first quick version of the gift on March 8, you need paper and a little patience with your own hands for kindergarten. In general, paper, whether it is colored or plain white, is one of the most accessible and versatile materials for children's handicrafts. That is why it is most often used for creativity and gifts for the holidays in kindergarten. Learn more about how to quickly make a gift on March 8 with your own hands from paper you will learn from the next master class for kindergarten.

Materials needed for gift of paper on 8 March in kindergarten

  • a sheet of white paper
  • a sheet of yellow paper
  • wooden skewer
  • glue
  • scissors
  • decorative ribbon

Instructions on how to quickly make a gift on March 8 from the paper by hand for the garden

  1. Cut a strip of white paper with a width of about 2-3 cm strip Length coincides with the length of the sheet. You can also make the stripe wider, then the flower, and as a gift will be the Daisy, will be more. Now gently start to bend the paper strip accordion. The ends of the finished bunching rounds with scissors.
  2. Carefully open the billet and fold in a circle. Coat the edges of the accordion with glue and join.
  3. Allow the workpiece to dry completely, meanwhile prepare the center for the daisies. From yellow paper cut out a circle the desired diameter. Then a white rod in the middle of the glued petals and attach it in the middle of the yellow circle.
  4. It remains to glue the Daisy to a skewer and decorate with a decorative ribbon. Ready!

An original gift for mom on March 8 with their hands a "Bracelet" for kindergarten

Another version of the original gift on March 8 with your own hands for the kindergarten can be done for the mother in the form of a beautiful bracelet from the usual. pasta! This bracelet is made quickly and simply, but requires a preliminary preparation stage. In addition, according to the scheme of the original gift for the mother on March 8, "Bracelet" for the kindergarten can be made with beads or a multi-level necklace.

Materials for an original gift a Bracelet for mom on March 8 with their hands

  • pasta of different shapes
  • acrylic paint or food coloring
  • thick thread or string
  • packages

Manual for a handmade gift for mom on March 8 in the children's garden "Bracelet"

  1. The most difficult step is to prepare the materials. For the decoration, and in our case the bracelet is colorful and original, it is better to take pasta of different shapes and colored dyes. Sorted different pasta in separate bags. In each package adds color — diluted acrylic paint or liquid food coloring. Tying packs and thoroughly mix their contents.
  2. After the dye is well taken, lay the workpiece on a flat surface and put out to dry in the sun, for example, on the window sill.
  3. Finished workpiece spread on the work surface and sortable depending on your desired result. For example, you can alternate the "bead" of pasta of different varieties, and it is possible to assemble the bracelet by analogy with rainbow colors.
  4. Take the lace and tie on the end a small knot. Strung on the cord the pasta in a selected sequence.
  5. After the cord along the entire length will be filled with pasta, connect both ends of the bracelet together. Original gift-bracelet for mom on March 8 is ready!

Gift for March 8 with their hands for mom "candy Bouquet", step-by-step master class with photo school

Bouquet and sweets can be called one of the traditional gifts on March 8, which can be successfully combined in the framework of a step-by-step master class for mothers. To make such a sweet bouquet is not difficult, but by originality and efficiency it is much higher than its traditional brethren separately. How to make a gift for March 8 with your own hands for the mother "Bouquet of chocolates" learn from the step-by-step master class with a photo for the school.

Materials needed for gift on March 8 "candy Bouquet" for the school

  • candy
  • colored paper
  • a simple pencil
  • paper scotch of green color
  • long wooden skewers
  • cellophane or food wrap
  • straws for drinks
  • glue
  • gift paper

Instructions on how to make a candy bouquet for mom on March 8 to students at the school

  1. For this master class are best suited candy triangular shape, for example, truffles. But you can take flat chocolate candies, which are easy to connect together.
  2. Cardboard cut out template — three leaf flower with a small hole in the middle. This will be blank for tulips that we're going to give mom on March 8. Using the template, transfer the pattern on colored paper. For example, you can have pink, red, white or with beautiful patterns.
  3. Take every candy and wrap it in cellophane or plastic wrap. Turn the free edge in the harness.
  4. Then take the tube to cut it into small pieces 3-4 cm Straw will help to fix the candy that will be in the middle of the Tulip. Take the marshmallow and insert a skewer in the flagellum, slips the tube and fix it. Top wrapped the skewer in green paper tape.
  5. Cut blanks for tulips. Also from the green paper cut out the oblong piece for the leaves.
  6. Turn each billet and gently bend each petal slightly inside to get a imitation of a living flower.
  7. Through the hole in the middle put a piece of candy to a skewer. Carefully connect the petals together and sizing slightly at their edges.
  8. On top put the second blank leaf.
  9. Applied to the skewer harvesting of the leaf and fasten it with tape.
  10. Ready-made tulips are made into a bouquet with the help of gift paper.

A touching gift on March 8 grandmother with their hands with photos, step-by-step master class for kindergarten

Not only mothers, but grandmothers deserve the most touching gifts on March 8, made by caring hands of their grandsons and granddaughters. Our next master class is perfect for children of kindergarten and will help to make a very emotional and memorable gift for your grandmother. How to make a touching gift on March 8 grandmother with their hands learn from following the master class for kindergarten.

The necessary materials for a touching gift for grandma on March 8 with their hands

  • sticks for ice cream – 8-9 PCs.
  • paints
  • photo
  • cardboard
  • glue
  • the Bank, a glass or pot for indoor plants
  • fabric

Instructions on how to make a gift on March 8 grandmother with his own hands for kindergarten

  1. With these simple materials we will make a flower in a pot. But not normal, and with a photograph of the child so this gift is very touching and memorable for any grandma. So, first paint the Popsicle sticks paints.
  2. Take a picture of the kid and cut the head. Out of cardboard do the billet, in size exact replica of the photo. Glue both parts.
  3. Once the sticks are completely dry, we peel each half. Glue the pieces to the cardboard base photographs.
  4. Continue to glue the workpieces of the sticks, moving in a circle and forming the petals of a flower.
  5. One long stick painted green and glue it to the workpiece of the flower.
  6. Take container, for example, a beautiful jar and fill it with a thick cloth.
  7. Anchoring our flower in a makeshift pot and decorate the gift with ribbon. Also, instead of fabric, you can take paper or fill with colorful decorative stones, sand. Importantly, the resulting basis is well kept our flower-photograph.

A beautiful gift for mom or grandmother on March 8 with their own hands from the Masters Country, video

The next video tutorial of a beautiful gift for a mother or grandmother on March 8 with your own hands from the needlewoman of the Country of Masters will teach you how to make a very cool souvenir from a traditional wire and felt napkins - a festive tree-bouquet. Make such a beautiful gift on March 8 from the Country of Masters to their beloved mother or grandmother will be able to even schoolchildren. For more information on how to create an original gift from simple materials, see the video below.

A gift for March 8th with your own hands is the best gift for mom and grandmother on International Women's Day. And not so important it will be made of colored paper, felt or sweets. The main thing that he will do with love and care, and even preferably quickly. We really hope that the step-by-step master classes, collected in our today's article, with photos and video gifts for March 8 for the kindergarten and school will help you to please your native women with cute souvenirs. And remember that it is not at all necessary to be an artist from the Country of Masters to please your loved ones with original gifts.