How to make a festive concert on March 8 in a kindergarten or school really bright and interesting? It's simple - you need to diversify the script with funny, funny and funny skits. It's comic scenes on March 8 have a unique ability to create a pleasant atmosphere, to cheer up all present and make the holiday memorable. In addition, they quite often raise quite important topics and questions, which can be very difficult to solve without the help of humor. Of course, children's funny skits have their own specifics and are unlike, say, comic rooms for corporate parties. Usually they are distinguished by kind and even naive humor, which is excellent for such a bright spring holiday as International Women's Day. That is why the festive concerts in schools and kindergartens on March 8 have a unique atmosphere. In our today's article, we tried to collect the most interesting and original ideas for funny scenes on March 8 for moms, a schoolboy and pupils of kindergartens. We hope that our variants with the video will not only raise your spirits, but also help in writing the sparkling scenario on March 8.

Funny and humorous skits on 8 March in kindergarten, video

Little pupils of kindergartens are the most direct and sincere artists. That is why funny and comic scenes on March 8 for matinees in the kindergarten in their performance cause so much joy and genuine delight in adults. Lovely, charming and childishly direct artists with pleasure perform the roles of adults and themselves. Particularly good for young actors, mocking roles with a small number of words and expressive gestures, facial expressions. Some variants of just such funny and comic scenes on March 8 in the kindergarten with videos will find further.

Funny scene "old ladies" on March 8 for kindergarten

A funny sketch about grandmothers on March 8 is a vivid example of a parody number without words, the success of which depends entirely on the artistic data of its performers. At the heart of the issue is the well-known song "Grandmothers-Old Women" performed by V. Dobrynin. Her cheerful motive and funny text is quite easy to beat with bright costumes and fun dance moves. To make the scene really hilarious on the role of grandmothers, it's best to take artistic boys. They will be especially comical in old-fashioned clothes and traditional attributes of grandmothers.

Comic scene on March 8 for kindergarten "the Three mothers"

For this version of the comic scene, three girls will need to perform in the roles of daughter, mother and grandmother. Each of them will have their own words - several verse lines with a funny meaning. The essence of the sketch is to show how important the mother is in everyone's life, but at the same time to play in a playful manner the excessive mother's care and anxiety. In general, such a thematic scene turns out to be very touching and cheerful at the same time, so it is well written out almost in any scenario of the matinee on March 8 in the kindergarten. The only thing for the main roles is more suitable girls from the senior or preparatory group with good diction and artistic data.

Comic scenes at a concert in honor of March 8 for elementary school, video

If on the festive matinees in honor of the 8th of March kindergartens are more dominated by touching dance and greeting numbers, then a concert in an elementary school can already be safely built on a comic script with funny skits. The main success of such a concert, however, like any other festive event, in the right organization and talented performers. Without good actors, comic skits at a concert in honor of March 8 in elementary school simply will not produce the proper effect and will remain unnoticed and unappreciated by the public. In addition, it is important to choose appropriate decorations, costumes and props. It is these details that help not only convey the meaning of the scene, but also contribute to the reincarnation of young artists. Next, we offer you several versions of comic scenes that are perfect for a festive concert in an elementary school.

A comic scene in primary school on March 8 "What to surprise the girls" for boys

This room is very simple to execute and does not require any special decorations and attributes. The main thing is to choose really cheerful and charismatic boys, who with the help of facial expressions and words will be able to beat the whole humor of this sketch. The theme of the issue is very important for all men on the eve of the International Women's Day - "What to surprise and what gifts to please women?". Boys from this room offer their options for gifts and surprises, which can please girls from their class. We are sure that their ridiculous options will not leave indifferent.

Funny skit for girls on March 8, "When mom's not home"

It's no secret that parody numbers are always very warmly perceived by the public, especially if their plot is close and understandable to all present. The next merry scene on March 8 is sure to please all mothers, because they once were in place of young artists and experienced a similar situation. As it is easy to guess from the name of the number in the scene, it's cool and slightly exaggerated that it shows at home at the moment when mom does not, and her daughters get to her mother's treasured things. A light musical accompaniment and a cheerful dance at the beginning of the room make this scene more energetic and set the audience up for its comic character.

Cool and funny skits for high school students on March 8, live

Everyone knows about the creativity and good sense of humor of high school students. The resourcefulness, vigor and enthusiasm of young people can only be envied. It's no wonder that the best thing for high school students is to invent just cool and funny skits on March 8 for moms, grandmothers, teachers and classmates. Of course, touching and tender numbers also have a place in the festive concerts devoted to the International Women's Day, organized by high school students. But much more often they prefer to still rejoice and make expensive women laugh on their holiday. Next, offer you a few funny and funny scenes for high school students on March 8 with a video.

Funny Scene "Festive Grandfather" on March 8 for high school students

To participate in this ridiculous number will need girls and one guy who will act as an unpretentious grandfather. The scene itself is written with the help of poems with humor, so it is very desirable to select participants with a well-placed voice and artistic data. Well, the protagonist of the scene is a celebratory grandfather, of course, must be funny and charismatic.

Comic scene in honor of March 8 for high school students "How to celebrate boys and girls"

Variants of humorous scenes from the category of "expectations and reality" are very popular lately. However, this sketch rather displays a slightly exaggerated form of the difference between how the 8 March boys and girls celebrate. Of course, the chosen images are very exaggerated, but there is still some truth in them. There are a lot of images in the scene and that's why almost everyone present will be able to recognize themselves among the characters shown.

Funny scene from "Day of revelations" on March 8 for high school students

But the next scene is ideal for a concert in honor of March 8, arranged specifically for classmates. It raises one of the most popular topics for teenagers, joking at which you can endlessly. It is, of course, the relationship and the "Revelation Day" - a vivid example of how differently the same idea is sometimes perceived by a guy and a girl in a relationship. To participate in the scene you need to choose an artistic guy and a talented girl. But if you want to get a really hilarious number, then we strongly recommend that you take two cheerful guys as the main characters.

Funny and cool scenes on March 8 for moms from kids, video

What just do not joke in funny and funny skits for moms on March 8, children in schools and kindergartens! They do it very subtly, ironically, but it is completely unbearable. And everyday themes are raised, and parodies of characteristic female behavior come up, and funny moments in the relationship of parents and children are noticed. But the most popular topic is, of course, moms. And jokes about mothers children are so delicate and touching that adults do not feel hurt at all. On the contrary, when looking at funny parodies of children, mothers sincerely laugh, recognizing themselves and their habits. And sometimes, such ridiculous skits-parodies even force many parents and children to reconsider some moments in their family relations for the better. Therefore, if you want to make a holiday concert on March 8 really interesting and memorable, be sure to include in the script some funny and funny scenes on March 8 for moms from children. Especially since further you are waiting for some amusing options for kindergarten and high school.

Funny scene "Meeting moms" on March 8 for a morning performance in kindergarten

This number in the performance of the kids turns out really kindly comical and cheerful. According to the plot, the girls play the role of mothers who accidentally met and share the latest news about their family problems. Well, just like their adult moms, who prefer to share their experiences and everyday problems with their girlfriends. The essence of this issue is to show how difficult and difficult is the daily mother's work and how important it is to appreciate, take care of your mother, help her and not upset her. It is thanks to a cheerful presentation that such a scene not only does not upset anybody, but also helps the kids to better understand and appreciate their mothers.

Funny scene "How do I help mom" on March 8 for elementary school

This ridiculous sketch is designed to ironically ridicule such a rather common everyday problem as the lack of help to the mother by the children. Her dialogue takes place between her mother and her daughter, a schoolgirl, who writes an eloquent but far from truthful essay on "How I help my mother." Of course, the actions in this scene are exaggerated, but in spite of the present humor, the plot makes one think about both children and adults.

Nice scene on March 8 a "Typical mom" for high school students

The next humorous production is most suitable for a concert in high school or even in college. It involves three actors - son, mother and grandmother. The plot of the story unfolds around a rather comical situation, familiar to many modern families. If in a nutshell, then a sketch about how often our mothers are unfriendly with modern gadgets in general, and with computers in particular. The paradox is that the older generation, and in this case grandmothers, can be much more "advanced" in this matter than their children. In general, if you want to laugh heartily, then take a closer look at the next funny scene.

Celebratory concerts in honor of March 8 for mothers and grandmothers in kindergartens and schools are a good tradition, which should be kept as long as possible. It's not just children's initiative, but a real gift and the best greeting for dear women. A funny, funny and comic skits on March 8 - this "highlight" of such children's concerts. It's the numbers with humor make the main holiday of all women really bright, memorable and cheerful. We hope that in our today's article you will find for yourself many variants of funny scenes on March 8, which inspire you to write the original script. Remember that the success of any number directly depends on its performers. Therefore, always choose talented students and children with good acting skills. And then, we are sure, any ridiculous scene in honor of the International Women's Day will bring a lot of positive to all guests of the holiday!