Spring is beautiful! Nature comes to life after such a long winter's hibernation, discards the last white clothes and with pleasure tries on fresh green clothes. After it, birds, animals and people, intoxicated with spring air and warmed by the first warm rays, gain vitality and natural energy. Everything around blooms, smells and fills the world with bright colors! It's no wonder that this wonderful time of the year inspires creative people to create unique masterpieces - books, paintings, melodies. They like to ask an essay on "Spring" and on their lessons and a teacher of the Russian language, especially in grades 5-6 of secondary school. This is a very diverse and interesting topic, which can be unveiled with equal success both in journalistic and in artistic style. What can I write a school essay on the spring theme? The most popular options are: "Spring has come!", "My favorite season is spring", "Spring of the year 45". Let's take a closer look at each of the proposed options and consider other ideas for writing an essay on "Spring."

How to write an essay about spring on any topic in a journalistic style

As already mentioned above, the essay on the spring can be written on any topic in both the artistic and the journalistic style. We propose to discuss in more detail the second option and discuss several important points that must be taken into account when using it. Before you write an essay on spring on any topic in the journalistic style, you need to understand the features of this style. First of all, the journalistic style is designed to influence its readers, to evoke strong emotions and encourage it to act. In the example with the essay on the theme "Spring" in the journalistic style there should be bright descriptions, interesting facts, emotional speech turns, appeal to the reader. Such an essay can not consist solely of simple sentences describing, for example, the beauty of spring nature. It also must be present thoughts and thoughts of the author.

How to apply journalistic style for writing on any topic about spring

How can you apply the journalistic style when writing a school essay on "Spring"? It all depends on the subject matter chosen for the essay. For example, if the work is devoted to the theme "Spring of the year 45", then in the composition there may be certain facts that took place in May 1945. And if, with the help of journalistic style, an essay on the theme "Spring Comes" is written, then there must be beautiful descriptions of the awakening nature that will help the reader literally see this picture in his imagination.

Ideas for essays on the theme "Spring has come" for pupils of 5-6 classes secondary school

Most often, an essay on the theme of "Spring has come" written by the students of 5-6 classes secondary school, which will be useful with our following ideas. Agree that the subject is fairly narrow and, may I say, specific. Anyway, as popular ideas for essays on the theme "Spring has come" for pupils of 5-6 grades of secondary school are similar to each other. Most often, such a composition reminiscent of a short story in science, which describes the main changes occurring in the outside world with the arrival of spring. But if you move away from a familiar and rectovesical theme, with a little imagination, you can write a more interesting essay.

Original ideas for essays on the theme "Spring has come" for middle school

The composition on "Spring has come" for high school can be original and unlike the standard options. For example, the composition can describe the arrival of spring in the city. Agree, then how nature wakes up outside the city and in modern metropolises is quite different. And although there is much less greenery in the city and there are practically no animals other than birds, the urban spring is also good. It is different, more restrained and less colorful, but still beautiful. Another original idea for writing the work "Spring has come" - a small medley of excerpts from the works of famous authors. For example, you can take descriptions of the beginning of spring from the stories or poems of Russian classics and to conduct their small analysis in your composition. Of course, this option requires more detailed preparation, but in the end result you can get a very interesting composition that will claim an excellent mark.

Idea for essays on the theme "My favorite time of year — spring" for students

Another popular idea for writing on this topic for schoolchildren is "My favorite season is spring". At first glance, in such a composition it is practically impossible to depart from the narrow topic - listing the reasons for which the favorite season is spring. But if you look more broadly, you can find interesting ideas for the essay on "My favorite season - spring" for schoolchildren. For example, mention not only the banal reasons for the "get warm" and "greens appear", but also tell about your favorite activities that are available in spring - skating on roller skates, picnics, cycling, etc.

Environmental theme in the essay on the topic "My favorite season — spring"

Another interesting topic that can easily apply to this essay — environmental. In the introduction it is necessary to pay attention to what spring is best seen the damage that man causes to nature. So, in the spring you can introduce more people to care about the world. Then you can give a few examples of the kinds of valuable activities, including in schools, can be carried out to make the nature clean and beautiful this spring.

An essay touching on the theme of "Spring 45-go year" ideas for students

Another touching theme for the essay on "Spring" for schoolchildren - May 1945 and the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Ideas and options for such a composition is quite a lot. For example, the essay on the touching theme "Spring of the year 45" (an idea for schoolchildren) can be devoted to the description of the joy and happiness that prevailed in May 1945 throughout the world. You can also write essays using historical facts related to the legendary events of the spring of the year 45.

Variant of the patriotic essay on the theme "Spring of the 45th year" for schoolchildren

The composition on the theme "Spring of the 45th year" for schoolchildren of grades 5-6 may also have a patriotic character. For example, in the journalistic style, one can write about how the great-great-grandfather and great-great-grandmothers met the happy spring-the immediate participants and eyewitnesses of the war. For sure the happy stories about that spring live in families to this day, even if their main characters are no longer among the living. It can also be mentioned that spring was their favorite time of the year and they always looked forward to it when it comes, and along with it the main holiday - on May 9th. In conclusion, we can add a few words about the fact that this spring holiday is honored by the modern generation, and spring will always be associated with the victory of the Russian people over fascism.