The weather has no bad weather. It is this line from the famous song that the Muscovites and guests of the capital will have to repeat in April 2017 as complacency throughout the month. And the whole point is that only a couple of days at the beginning and end of April can be called spring - warm, sunny and dry. The rest of the time, the weather in Moscow in April 2017 will be, to say the least, cold and windy. The hydrometeorological center of Russia warns about frequent frosts and snowfalls that will collapse in April not only on the capital, but also on the Moscow region. More details on what will be the weather in April 2017 in Moscow and the region read further.

What will be the weather in Moscow in April 2017, the most accurate forecast

If you describe in one word what the weather in Moscow will be in April 2017, then according to the most accurate forecast, it will look more like a winter one. It would seem that the middle of the spring, it's time for the arrival of really warm days, but instead of green grass Muscovites will have to watch the slush from the wet snow. According to the most accurate forecast from the Hydrometeorological Center, the weather in Moscow in April 2017 will be predominantly frosty. A frequent phenomenon in the metropolitan streets at this time will be wet snow, less often rain. A gusty cold wind in April will also not add to the Moscow weather attractiveness.

What will be the temperature in Moscow in April 2017 according to preliminary estimates

If to speak separately about the temperature, in April, Muscovites will be able to rely on daily average temperature in the range from minus 2 to 0 degrees Celsius during the day. The temperature at night, it would be much lower — the average will be in the 9-12 degrees below zero. Even in those days, when to begin long-awaited warming, cold in 4-7 degrees will continue to hold in the night time.

Weather forecast for Moscow at the beginning and end of April 2017 from the Hydrometeorological Center

If we consider the weather forecast from the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia for Moscow in more detail, the beginning and end of April 2017 will be warm. The second month of spring will begin with pleasant and desirable temperatures after the dank March - 8-13 degrees with a plus sign. True, only the first weekend in April will be sunny and clear. Almost immediately, they will be followed by rainy weekdays, smoothly flowing into snowy and frosty days. Thus, the beginning and middle of the month in Moscow will not be spring at all. The situation will be aggravated by the fact that at this time, along with the rains, the northern gusty wind will come to the capital.

Weather forecast for the end of April 2017 for Moscow

As for the weather forecast at the end of April, he, too, does not please local residents and guests of the capital. The relative warming and the appearance of the thermometer plus the indicators can be expected only after the 25th number. And this warming can be called relative, since the average temperature during this period will not exceed 2 degrees. Real spring warmth and Sunny weather will come to the capital only at the end of April 29 and 30.

Weather forecast for Moscow and Moscow region for April 2017

The exact weather forecast for April 2017 is of interest not only to Moscow residents, but also to the population of the Moscow region. Alas, but for them the weather forecast will be disappointing. The same frosts and snowfalls that will cover the capital at this time, will be in charge of the area. More details about the weather forecast for Moscow and the Moscow region for April 2017 onwards.

What will be the weather in Moscow region in April 2017

Assume that the weather in the Moscow region will be in April 2017, you can analyze the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center for the capital. Weather forecasters promise warm weather in the region at the beginning and end of the month. But the middle of April in the region will be similar to the capital. Recall that the weather in Moscow in April 2017 will be frosty, with frequent precipitation in the form of wet snow and rain.