Your kid is growing and now it's time to send him to kindergarten. Many moms at this stage sigh with relief – finally I had some free time, you can return to work or other activities. Others cautiously glancing in the direction of kindergarten, preferring to leave the child with a babysitter. But anyway, kindergarten is an important stage in the development of social skills of the child. There he learns to communicate with peers, understands the basics of numeracy and reading, learning independence and discipline.

That's just Your baby all these benefits is still unknown. All he knows now is that mom's not around, there are a lot of unfamiliar people and objects. In the new environment, the kids get lost and get a lot of stress. You need to help your child settle into kindergarten and then he will be able to easier adjust to new surroundings.

Before you give a child in kindergarten, remember that there he must meet certain requirements. So it is better to start preparing for kindergarten in advance. You need to gradually accustom Your baby to communicate with other children and adults in the yard or on a walk. Let him learn to play in the sandbox, ride the swings, play on the Playground.

In addition, Your child needs to inculcate many of the skills before You give it to kindergarten. In our time, from kids going to kindergarten, required, as a minimum, the ability eat with a spoon. independently dress and to go on the potty. If Your child is still a baby and wears diapers, we're delaying kindergarten, none of it to change he will not. Teach your child to eat with a spoon, not fussing around and not delaying the process. Otherwise, the child will always fit, he will get upset and refuse to walk in the garden.

It should be remembered that in kindergarten not necessarily will be the menu that Your kid prefers. If any food or foods the child is allergic, be sure to warn the garden, and in other cases gradually accustom the child to eat what is necessary. For example, don't start snacking between meals. Diet in most gardens three times a day: Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea. Encourage your child to eat at the same time, as in the garden.

Can't hurt to teach a child to potty not just when I want to, but in advance, for example, before quiet hour, walk.

When You bring your child to kindergarten, try for several weeks or even months gradually accustom him to garden. For example, you come together with him for half a day, be with him on the walk and in the group.

Note to the caregiver. How he behaves with children and specifically with Your child? Maybe Your kid does not love kindergarten, and a teacher. Then the problem can be solved by transfer the baby to another group.

Communicate with your child on the topic of kindergarten. He needs to associate the baby with positive emotions, so tell me about the kindergarten calmly, confidently and with good intonation.

Warn the child in advance. that he will remain in the kindergarten alone, without You. You can allow your child to take to kindergarten favorite toy. Later try to convince kid to leave a toy in the garden and come play with her the next morning. Remember that children copy adults and are very violent. They are easy to hang labels on each other. If You do not want Your child to have the reputation greedy or a tattletale. explain to him what it is and why it is bad to do so. Advise him that his toys he will have to share with the other children, so let take those that he is not sorry.

Pay attention to the fact does Your child play on his own or in the company of other children. The child may suffer if his friendship rejected by other children. Try to find the cause of this attitude. Here to help and talk with a tutor and talking to Your baby. Do often ask him about the kindergarten, about his business. Children love to imitate adults, so for example, I can tell the kid about his work, about how spent the day.

And remember, first going to kindergarten is a big burden for a kid. both physical and psychological. Your child gets tired of the mass of new impressions and the house it can start to act up. This should be treated with understanding. Try to behave as if You have become accustomed to that the baby goes to kindergarten. If the child sees that You are nervous or worried, he will also be concerned. Try to give him as much attention as to kindergarten or even more. It is important during this period to feel to the child that his parents still love and care about him.