Adolescence called transitional. The body grows up, change appearance and behavior of the child. In adolescence, children often appear all sorts of complexes, which are then very difficult to get rid of.

In General, adolescence is called puberty, when boys and girls begin to show typical male and female traits. It was on the basis of changes of appearance is based most teenage complexes.

Insecure girls with a disheartened look in the mirror and saying, "I'm ugly, fat, I have crooked legs, small Breasts, pimples on the face, boys don't pay any attention to me, etc." They are mentally prepared for the negative attitude of others, turn in on themselves. Such complexes are often the cause of early entry into the sexual lives of adolescent girls. They try in this way to prove its relevance and attractiveness.

How to avoid such systems? As soon as possible to explain to the girl that actually appearance is by far not the most important thing in life. Explain that even the most beautiful girls also have a hard time in their life, often even harder than the rest. And boys do not always prefer beautiful girls. Many girls popular with the opposite sex have far from ideal appearance, they conquer with their intellect, sense of humor, relaxedness (not to be confused with promiscuity!).

If problems with the appearance of girls is far-fetched, seek the advice of a psychologist. it will help to build the self-esteem of Your daughter. If any flaws in appearance yet have a place to be, you can simply choose the appropriate style in clothing and makeup. which will hide shortcomings and help to emphasize dignity.

Very often a complex about looks, girls are told by the ubiquitous media and the Internet. Models with glossy covers are so slim and tanned, and there is not one speck on their skin. Explain to the teenage daughter that in fact, all these photos are the result of skillful digital processing, where all the irregularities and folds can easily be retouched.

Your daughter wants to be as slim as a Hollywood actress and then begins to pace yourself diets?   Tell us that a diet is a stress for the body and as soon as its term ends, all the pounds will return and even with a "makeweight". After all, after stress, the body many times more actively begins to stock up on fats for the next "rainy day". Better advise the child to do physical exercises or sports to their liking. Sport is always healthy.

By the way complexes concerning their appearance affects not only girls but also boys.   Boys are no less, and sometimes even more, inclined to worry about the development of their secondary sexual characteristics. They complex, if they lag behind in this plan from their peers. A teenage psychologist can help a boy cope with the complexes.

Complexes and adolescents award glasses or dental "braces". Because of the ridicule of peers teenagers refuse to wear the "it's ugly", even to the detriment of their health. Alternatively, you can offer to a teenager with vision problems to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, good choice is huge. And braces can also be be set so that they were less noticeable. Try to prove to the teenager that health comes first. A healthy person even looks better than the patient, but dressed and decorated according to the latest fashion.

In addition to complexes regarding physical appearance, teenagers also often suffer from complexes due to their financial situation. in other words, poverty. If at school all children are dressed better, have mobile phones and computers, and your child does not, then consider a couple of complexes in your pocket. All children want to be no worse than their peers, so sometimes they are even embarrassed to admit their poverty. Explain to your son or daughter that your family does not have material wealth, not because you do not want it, but because so there are life circumstances. Remember that if you give a teenager to a privileged school where the children of wealthy parents are studying, then both your clothes and accessories are needed for your child, otherwise complexes can not be avoided. Always carefully weigh how much benefit and how much mental suffering a teenager will bring to such a school.

What can result teenage complexes?   Some teenagers become self-absorbed, become very shy, while others, on the contrary, rude to everyone in a row, impose their opinions on everyone, try to assert themselves. Many teenagers, experiencing self-doubt, prefer the computer to communicate with peers, the virtual world completely replaces for them the real one.

Teenage complexes are the cause of many rash actions. To assert themselves Teens are trying with the help of alcohol, Smoking, drugs, sex.   As early as possible, start explaining to a teenager that such ways of self-affirmation is not an option. No relationship to adulthood, drinking alcohol or smoking "grass" is not. Yes, and sex secretly from parents somewhere in a dirty trick (in the woods, at the dacha, at a friend in the apartment - the right thing to emphasize) will not bring anything good, but only the risk of infection and early pregnancy. Remember that a teenager is an almost adult person, a competent conversation about sexual relations will not cause, as many fear, unhealthy interest, but help a teenager understand this issue, separating the truth from stupid myths.

Being a teenager is not easy.   Bursts of hormonal activity, reorganization of the body, new sensations and constant change of mood - this is only a small part of what a teenager experiences during puberty. Support your child, because he still needs your love and care, even if he does not want to admit it. After all, who said that it's easy to be parents?

probably there is not a single teenager at all without complexes. especially in relation to appearance. To cope with complexes such it is possible only personally, any arrangements and psychologists will not help

When I was a scared teenager did not want to wear glasses and the doctor prescribed them to me. In addition, the frame was terrible, I have these points very shy. But the solution is simple – it was necessary just lenses to get. However at that time it was expensive and the possibility this was not me personally. But modern Teens can without glasses to do lenses are now very affordable

And I was always tortured in high school complexes about boys. The other girls were staring, and I was too shy and always seemed ugly to myself. God, what all this nonsense, now I understand it. Do not bother, they say, I'm ugly, no one likes me. Everything has its time. Then it all came down as it was, and the attention of the opposite sex and love.

I want to advise parents of teenagers, do not try to jump above your head. If there is no money for the child to feel normal in the "elite" school, he should be given a fig there? And then wonder why he does not want to go to school. And he is there himself a black sheen, he is not comfortable there. Why are you mocking your own child?

i have a complex because I'm awkward, not very nice and I do not mind communicating: (((