It is no secret that many wealthy or not, parents sometimes have to find a babysitter for your child. A sitter is often looking for very small children who have no one to leave the house, and to kindergarten to give them up yet. But Babysitting services are also employing parents and older children.

What we want to see babysitter for our child?  Of course, loving children, who have first aid skills with pedagogical experience. For many mothers, it is also very important that the nanny not only look after the child, but also teach him, for example, a foreign language. How to choose the right nurse?

Who is usually a nanny?  Most of the work of a nanny is sought by women of middle age (30-50 years), as well as young girls, for example, students. Many nannies are former kindergarten teachers, school teachers, nurses. For some, nanny work is the main source of income, they usually sit with the child all day. And for others, such work is a way to earn extra money, so they can look after your baby just a few hours a day.

Hiring a nanny, you should decide what responsibilities she will have to perform. Standard set - to feed and dress the child, to walk with him at home and on the street, train him and develop various skills of the child. In addition, the duties of a nanny can also include cleaning the child's room, washing and ironing his things, buying food and cooking food for the baby.

A nanny can be searched in several ways. You can select the babysitter in a specialized Agency. at the advice of friends. and you can simply private ad.

If You decided to use the recommendations of friends when choosing a nanny, it is one of the most acceptable options. So You already know the behavior of the nanny with children, if we can trust her enough she's a professional.

Hiring a babysitter from the Agency, You probably sign. which will stipulate all the rights and responsibilities of the employee being hired, the wages, Your rights etc If You hire the nanny best friend, the one hand, be absolutely quiet for the safety of things in the house and for the honesty of the nurse. But on the other hand if You can be quite demanding friend? Option search nurse ad the most economical but also the most dangerous. If You hire a babysitter just on a verbal agreement, You will not have any guarantees.

If you decide to hire a nanny from the agency, you can be sure that the nanny has all the necessary skills and that important documents. Be sure to ask how many years the agency is already working, can this data be checked. Do not forget to pay attention not only to the documents of the nanny, but also to the license of the agency, which it simply must have.

If You hire a babysitter, even during the preliminary telephone conversation ask  recommendations, the presence of a pedagogical or psychological education, a sanitary book for a future nanny. In case of a personal meeting, be sure to check the indicated documents. Even if you hire a nanny on an ad, still make a written contract with her, which you can notify the notary. Then this document acquires legal force and can protect the interests of both parties in case of conflict.

Don't forget that You are hiring a nanny, especially for a child! In the interview, look at how Your child accepts a new person. Maybe the nanny was causing him fear or aggression? Then it is better not to hire that person. Moreover, it is important for prospective babysitter and You made a good impression. If one of the contenders in nanny You feel uneasy, refuse to the candidate – so You will be calmer.

When choosing a nanny, remember that it is important to be reserved and calm, to talk politely.

Always be careful when choosing a nanny for your child! A nanny is a stranger in the house. And if this person is unscrupulous, the danger is, first of all, your child. Such a nanny can harm a child's health, both physical and psychological, can cause you material damage. A legal contract can legally fix all the mutual rights and obligations between you and the nanny, but, unfortunately, nobody is insured from nannies who do not like children.

Wish You good luck in choosing a nanny for Your child!