Whether to give children pocket money? What amount should give the child as pocket money? Do I need to monitor the costs of the child? These questions are asked of the parents from the first grade of school, often because school Lunches are unsatisfactory or paid. In addition, children need money for travel and other small expenses. Let's try to understand how, why, and how much to give the child pocket money.

Pocket money is certainly helpful. They teach children the value of money, monitor your spending, to save.   It is pointless to give money to a very small child, who has not yet learned to take it seriously. Well, a schoolboy and, especially a teenager, need to allocate pocket money. Here are a few simple rules for handling pocket money for a child

Give pocket money regularly. every week or every month. Try to ensure that the issue of pocket money is not confined to a holiday or a significant day, it is better if the pocket money will be issued in the middle of the week.

The amount of pocket money is determined by the material possibilities of parents and needs of the child. But this amount should always be the same.

Do not dictate to the child how to spend his pocket money.   Do not ask for a report on the purchases made. Let the child spend money at his own discretion and learn from his mistakes.

Pocket money should not be taken away for the offense as punishment or to increase the payout as a reward. Let pocket money will become an everyday occurrence, and not the means of educating or manipulating the child.

Never give out pocket money “upfront”.   Even if the child insists that you give him money before the due date, refrain from this. Let the child learn to spend pocket money rationally.

If You find it necessary to buy something to your child, do it at your own expense. not for him. If a child asks you to buy him something that you think is absolutely superfluous and unnecessary, explain to him why you think so. If the child insists on buying, let him do it for his pocket money. Perhaps frugality in relation to their money will refrain the child from unnecessary purchase.

And do you give your child pocket money?