Probably all moms have faced this problem. Need somewhere to leave baby with a nanny or grandmother, and he hasn't let go. As the mother go to work (shop, hairdresser, etc.) so that the child did not cry?

For starters, let's examine and why, in fact, the child does not want to let go of mom?  The child is simply afraid that his mother will leave and will not return, especially if threats are used as an educational tool: "If you behave badly, I will go away!". It is still difficult for a small child to understand that her mother has some affairs of her own. He starts to think that his mother is leaving because of him, because of his bad behavior. As a result - whims, tears, hysterics. It is especially difficult for at least a short time to release mother to those children who spend most of their time with their mother and never, or almost never, remain with someone else.

So, where to start? First, if You are going to go somewhere, even for half an hour never do this in secret!  Just imagine the reaction of the baby, who suddenly discovers that the mother has disappeared. He will search for you around the house and inconsolably cry. And when you come, will not let go of a single step.

Secondly,never berate the child that it bothers You to leave. Do not frighten him. that won't come back. Do not shame the child. because he is a big, and crying. Don't threaten  deprivation of toys. All these reproaches only aggravate the anxiety of the baby and he begins to be capricious even more.

Even the youngest child explain. where and for how long you are leaving. Speak with phrases accessible to the child, for example, "I'll go to the store, and come back when you eat." Such soothing phrases will help the child to wait for your return.

Your anxiety and anxiety child very subtly notices. If he sees that mother is worried, for it is also cause for concern. Therefore, when going away, be yourself, be confident, smile.

To keep You child uses the good old cry and tears. Don't fall  to this "provocation". Once you just go on about tearing and stay, and your child will use this method always. But also to leave, having thrown the child crying, it is wrong. It is better to collect a few minutes beforehand in order to explain to the baby that you will stay for a while, but still go on business. Thus, the child will learn that not everything always happens only by his will and desire. This is a useful lesson for the future.

You should not promise the child to "Golden mountains"  For the fact that he will let you go. First, by this you dilute it, and secondly, if you can not fulfill the promise, the next time the child will simply not believe you. But do not refuse the baby if he himself asks to bring him a gift. However, if the request does not work out, be sure to warn the child about it.

To every Your leaving did not become the Central event of the day do not over tighten parting. The longer you say goodbye, the more you and the child suffer.

Toto teach a child to Your absence. it is useful to leave it for a while with someone else: dad, grandma, sister, nanny. The more a child interacts with other adults, the easier it will be to let You go. A useful game to develop a sense of independence in a child – the usual "hide and seek". You hiding, the child is initially afraid, and then finds You and is happy. So he learns to understand that while You were gone, nothing happened.

Sometimes, even when the child is already accustomed to the temporary absence of the mother, he suddenly again it starts to act up  at your leaving. Do not rush to worry. This return to "childhood" can mean that your baby, on the contrary, is on the threshold of a new stage of development. Just at some point of its rapid development and constant exploration of the world, the kid begins to feel the need to return to the warm and safe mother's arms. In them, the child draws confidence and new strength.

Bringing up a child, be patient and always try to show your love and care to the crumb. Then the child will be able to let you go without any fear.

Good luck and patience!