The tasks in the school are different. Some serve to better assimilate the material studied, others are designed so that the teacher can understand how well the student owns the topic covered. Such tasks include control, abstracts and examinations. Control and examination papers usually do not require written material, for this purpose abstracts are intended. The word "abstract" in Latin means "I report or report", but in fact, this is the creative task of the student, in which it is necessary to conduct research and the meaning of the given topic. This work should be treated with seriousness, since incorrect design of the text and the main page can affect the future mark, even despite the informative information. Therefore, in this article we will consider how to create the abstract and its title page in the correct form.

How to make cover sheet essay

Before you start working on a title page, you should see the name of the theme, as the inaccuracy in the writing of the header may affect the rating. If you make a summary in a text program (e.g. word), the cover page should be filled with Times New Roman font. The size of the title of the work should be in the range of 28-36. A4, offset from the page – 2 cm top and bottom, on the sides – 1 see the Order of execution is as follows:

  1. Name of work (in our case the abstract) is written in the middle of the title page. The main name of the topic indicated by the line below, underneath is written the second title or the subtitle (if any)
  2. At the top of the title page is written the name of your educational institution
  3. On the right side below the subject you should indicate your surname, name, patronymic, a class that in some cases it is necessary to write the data about the teacher (name, what subject he teaches, what category is assigned to the teacher)
  4. At the bottom of the center of the title page is written the city in which the work was created and the year it was written

By the way, it is useful before writing an essay to ask the teacher whether the edge of the page to draw in beautiful slim frame that will give perfection and a more aesthetic appearance to your work. Also see if you can insert under a descriptive picture.

What to do with handwritten essays?

Handwritten abstracts should be drawn up according to the same rules as printed versions. An exception is the spelling of the word "Abstract". In educational institutions, it is required that this word be written through a medium-sized stencil, in black or blue ink.

If an abstract is given on a creative theme, then the title pages of these works can be made in an unusual style, on any background. Images can be added, but only on the topic. Do not fill out the illustrations with work only to increase the volume of pages. The remaining requirements remain the same as in conventional reports.

If these requirements are met, the likelihood of a higher rating is guaranteed. Do not be afraid before starting work to ask your teacher what you can and can not be allowed to do when drafting your report. It will be great if the pages of your essay are embedded in transparent files and filed in a folder. We hope that our recommendations will help you quickly and efficiently cope with the task, and the result of your work will be the highest ball!