Sometimes the baby doesn't want to sleep. even though the appointed time has long come. This can be caused by different reasons. Whether the baby had slept during the day, then if not tired. To disturb the baby to sleep can too violent emotions, especially if the baby survived them shortly before bedtime. What to do if the baby refuses to sleep?

First, you should find out why the child goes to bed.  Ifcause is too violent activity before bedtime  or vice versa, too little mobility during the day, if the baby slept too much during the day, then the best way to normalize sleep is to observe the regimen. Correctly chosen daily routine will help your child to go to bed on time and without whims.

But it happens that normal baby sleep prevents disease. therefore, when a child recovers, his sleep will also improve. Sometimes children simply are afraid to go to sleep because they have nightmares. In this case, a calming effect on the baby a warm bath, a spoon of infusion of Valerian. If nightmares are repeated every night, then do not hesitate to contact your pediatrician or a child psychologist. Only an expert will competently help to solve this problem.

Very often children refuse to go to bed from carpisa, or stubbornness. To cope with the Caprice is quite difficult, especially if this is not the first case. But remember that if You are going on about the Caprice and allow the child to sleep longer, the next time a whim again.

Secondly, You need to cultivate patience.  In spite of everything, you should not get irritated, offended, show anger, punish the child. Your nervous and irritated condition is unlikely to help your baby calm down.

Caress you quickly put the child to sleep, than shouting and slapping.  But except for caress, you should be able to demonstrate also confidence in your actions, conviction that the baby should sleep. The child should not have doubts: Mum is right, and it's really time to sleep.

To help the child prepare for bedtime can certain ritual activities. "Sleep tired toys, books sleep. "- remember, this is sung in a song from the well-known television program" Good night kids? So you and your child can put toys to sleep. For example, a doll - in a crib, a bunny or a bear cub - in a mink, the machine let it "go" to the garage. Lastly, "put to bed" your favorite toy of your crumbs - next to him, on the pillow. Tell the child that now it's time to lull your favorite toy so that she sleeps well. Offer your help, for example, sing a lullaby or tell a fairy tale. Gradually, lulling the toy, the baby himself falls asleep without hind legs.