If You suddenly found out Your child bullied other children in kindergarten or school, then naturally Your first instinct is to personally go and deal with offenders: to pour them a belt, or hard to talk to their parents. However, the actions of anger and righteous anger can not only help Your child, but even to hurt him even more. Obviously, You want to change the situation for the better for Your child's party, but it should be done wisely.

So, the first thing you have to do istake a sober look at the situation. Your child peers can bully for various reasons. You have some kind of non-standard surname that seems funny to other children, the child has defects in speech or appearance, other children consider him "unfashionable" and "uncool". All this can become an object for bullying and ridicule.

How to help your child in these situations?  Well, let's put it bluntly, you can not do anything with a surname, so you need to try not to change the name itself, but the attitude to it from the child and his peers. Or, for example, ask teachers to have your child more often called by name, not giving, therefore, other children a reason to mock. Defects of speech, especially at an early age, the speech therapist will solve successfully and the sooner you contact him, the more troubles and insults you will be able to avoid.

Appearance is very important for children.  As much as possible, try to buy some "fashion" things or accessories for the child. If your child, for example, is too protruding ears, then hide this defect will help to match the hair. If the problem lies, for example, in excess weight, then with the help of a nutritionist you can make a more healthy diet for a child, and with the help of physical exertion, the extra pounds will gradually go away. In addition, your child will not only get rid of ridicule, but will also become more healthy.

Often children become the objects of constant derision from peers because they are weaker, more modest. You can help your child by developing confidence in himself and his powers. And to tighten the physical form will help exercise. And not necessarily immediately give the child to the martial arts section, you can pick up another sport, for example, swimming, football, basketball, sports dancing.

In school  the cause of persistent harassment can be anything you like, up to the musical preferences of your child. In this case, it is important for you to explain to your child that he should not go on about the collective, should not change his tastes and preferences just because someone likes it. A strong, confident personality, is felt from afar and few people dare to oppress such a person or infringe.

Explain to the child that a good performance can be a trump in his sleeve. It is not necessary for a child to be "learning" and "learning" to a child, but students with good academic achievement are always respected by the team - they know the right answers to problems and can help. Therefore, you can make efforts to improve your child's progress. Do lessons together, watch educational programs, maybe hire a tutor to pull the child up in some subjects.

When a child is being bullied in kindergarten or school, this leads to the fact that the baby refuses to go there. he has accumulated resentment and anger at his peers. The child closes in himself, feels unhappy. Some children may begin to show off, lie, mischief, or even take revenge on their offenders. Others can start with all their strength to get into the company in which they do not accept it, because getting their place in the "pack" for the child is very important. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs - that's what such aspirations can end. And you, as a parent, should be especially careful and cautious.

Students are particularly sensitive to the interference of parents in their "private life." And if You are with the scandal going to complain to the Director or teacher, the whole school soon finds out, and Your child's problems can only increase. It will be a tease, "Mama's boy" or "sissy girl," and this again can lead to conflict. But perhaps calm constructive conversation with the school psychologist or a class teacher help to solve conflict situation.

Still, sometimes the situation is such that to transfer the child to another kindergarten or school – the only possible way out of the situation. But it is important for you to take care that in a new place of study the child has a more comfortable relationship with peers. Together with the child, feel that "life begins with a new leaf" and try to make full use of this chance.

Specific actions of parents in a single attack of several peers?

Paul5678, of course, it depends on the age of the child and on whether the parents are present directly during the attack. The first impulse in this case is to punish the offender or quarrel with his parents. This should not be done in any case. If the attack occurs before your eyes - then separate the children without causing them physical harm. If you found out about this post factum - calm the child, if necessary, involve the school administration in solving the problem. To avoid attacks, teach the child to protect themselves and behave correctly in conflict situations. You in fact can not protect it all life. But if the attack caused serious injuries, contact the police - the law provides for criminal liability of parents for the behavior of minors.

How to file a lawsuit to protect the honor and dignity of the child from other children in school? How to involve the school in this task?

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