If You suddenly found out Your child bullied other children in kindergarten or school, then naturally Your first instinct is to personally go and deal with offenders: to pour them a belt, or hard to talk to their parents. However, the actions of anger and righteous anger can not only help Your child, but even to hurt him even more. Obviously, You want to change the situation for the better for Your child's party, but it should be done wisely.

{!LANG-f7a7db86ad78e76c7af2df4e4a4df3f3!}take a sober look at the situation{!LANG-89f3cc03ea47af80caf1a85c60b1fd20!}

How to help your child in these situations?{!LANG-17395f1901d5d18cfb7eaeb9be49f014!}

Appearance is very important for children.{!LANG-b75e2a52c487da61a8ae2e96f7dc533f!}

Often children become the objects of constant derision from peers because they are weaker, more modest{!LANG-e61c5fe1a32af9b52ffb2b1c622aae42!}

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When a child is being bullied in kindergarten or school, this leads to the fact that {!LANG-be65c4a16776a154f05f0b3e32ea4699!}{!LANG-fc289e9f0d03eaea092092ca5b3cc14a!}

Students are particularly sensitive to the interference of parents in their "private life." And if You are with the scandal going to complain to the Director or teacher, the whole school soon finds out, and Your child's problems can only increase. It will be a tease, "Mama's boy" or "sissy girl," and this again can lead to conflict. But perhaps calm constructive conversation with the school psychologist or a class teacher help to solve conflict situation.

Still, sometimes the situation is such that to transfer the child to another kindergarten or school – the only possible way out of the situation{!LANG-d13e212168f9e4f35b5ca58e4b7521bf!}




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