Going on a trip with a small child in her arms. many parents are afraid of the problems they may face on the road. Or whether to bring the stroller? If Yes, then where to put it? Do you need special utensils? What if suddenly on the road the child will be bad? What kind of transport you choose to visit, depends largely on the answers to these and other such questions.

So, if You are traveling on the plane  with a small child. In principle, it is possible to take a child with you on an air flight at any age, starting even from a few months. Another question is how important this trip is and whether it is possible to do without it. Nevertheless, air travel is a physical and psychological burden for the baby. Sharp pressure drops, noise and vibration from the aircraft motors can cause discomfort in the child. And the younger the child, the harder it is to cope with this discomfort.

If circumstances permit, it is better to start air travel with the baby from about a year old, when the child can already walk with his mother by the handle. However, he is not as helpless as a newborn, but not as hyperactive as a two or three-year-old child.

Different airlines have different attitude to baby strollers. Depending on the size or weight of the stroller can be attributed to both luggage, for which you should pay separately, and to hand luggage, which does not require additional payment. In order not to be trapped, it is better to know in advance with the airline how the situation with the transportation of baby carriages is.

What You may need and the child during the flight?  It all depends on the age of the child. If your baby is wearing diapers, then be sure to bring a few pieces to the cabin, preferably with a margin. You will also need a spare set of clothes in case the diaper does leak. If your baby already walks on the pot, then you can take with him and him. Often a child in an unfamiliar environment can not go to the toilet normally, so a favorite pot in this situation will help him relax. Many parents also use an ordinary toilet in the plane, holding the child in their arms above the toilet.

Be sure to take into the aircraft cabin first aid kit  with essential medicines. Means for treating wounds, antipyretic, analgesic, including drugs for colic, remedies for allergies. Take your child's individual medicines with you.

Nutrition for the child better to take the plane your on Board the plane is allowed to carry baby pyureshki and juices. If the child is large enough, then you can certainly give him the food offered on the plane. But in the new environment of the child can be capricious, so it is best that the food was his favorite and familiar. Also don't forget to bring wet and dry wipes. The child can pour, dirty food or anything else.

If you use a sling at home, then it will be very useful for you in an airplane. In the sling, the baby can sleep, and if you are breastfeeding, it is very convenient to feed in a sling.

In flight you need to take a more water  or lollipops. After takeoff it is better to give the child a drink at once, so that his ears "postponed". Lollipops for older children also help them to easier transfer the pawning of the ears. If the child uses a pacifier, do not forget to take it on a flight. It will help the baby to calm down or even fall asleep. Also help to calm down a few favorite toys of your child. To borrow an older child will help some quiet games, coloring, puzzles.

If You have voyage in the train. in many of the recommendations remain the same as for air travel. However, there are some other issues. For example, what is the best car to take: compartment or couchette. It all depends on your child and the time of travel. If Your child is small and practically sleeps all the time or in the trip coincides with the usual sleep period of the child, it is best suited compartment. The coupe is quiet and peaceful, no one will disturb the baby's sleep. For older kids during wakefulness coupe may seem too tight and boring, so a second-class carriage it is much more interesting.

Children much faster than adults getting on the train bored, terminally bored. In the train all different from the usual mode of the day  child, so the baby can lose appetite, fall down mood. Therefore, take with you on a trip familiar to the child household items: your favorite cup, plate and spoon. Try and follow the usual for the baby rituals, for example, washing before going to bed, a fairy tale or a lullaby. Also take with you your favorite baby toy, with which he used to fall asleep.

Any trip is stressful for kids. In unfamiliar surroundings they feel confused and insecure. Therefore, only parents can help their child, because when close to the kid people confident and calm, and the child less nervous. Then the journey for the child will be a fun adventure.