The ability to use a spoon and fork a child should be taught gradually and systematically. You should start with learning to use a spoon. To do this, the child can be given into the hand of a teaspoon and teach him to dial her porridge, this time tokarnia child with the second spoon.

The child first usually holding the spoon in his fist. Up to 1.5-2 years is quite normal and acceptable. But then it is better to gradually gradually teach the baby to keep the spoon correctly: just below the wide part of the handle with three fingers - large, index and medium. It is important to ensure that the child holds the spoon in the "right" hand, i. E. if he is right-handed - in the right, and if left-handed - in the left.

When the child learns to keep a good spoon, it should be taught to properly scoop up food and eat properly from a spoon. There are special narrow "French" spoons, which are brought to the mouth by the narrowing front part. Usual "American" spoons are wider and round, they are brought to the mouth by the side. It is important to tell the child that you do not need to open your mouth too much when holding a spoon, you do not need to suck the tip of the spoon.

Fork the child is better not to give earlier three years. At about this age the baby already understand that it can prick with a sharp object. For a child need a small fork, the teeth of which are not very sharp. You need to explain and show your child how to use a fork, depending on the food he eats: when the teeth of the fork should be facing down and when up.

Getting a child's learning to use a spoon or fork, it is better to instill in him the skills and table manners. I.e. not throw food, do not eat with open mouth after eating to put the spoon or fork on his plate. It is also important to teach kids to use a napkin to wipe his hands and not cloth.

It is advisable to put the food on the plate was eaten by the child without a trace. So it is important to calculate the serving size. Too much food is harmful to the child, his body is more difficult to cope with the load, and after a too small portion the baby will very soon starve.

They say if you want to permanently stop human interest in something, then turn this duty. If to get the child  eat with a spoon or fork, when he is not ready for this, constantly pull him down, if he is mistaken, you can for a long time discourage him from hunting independently using cutlery.