About how many years it is to give the child to school, parents begin to think in advance. Is it necessary to hurry up in this matter? Or vice versa, is it necessary to hold the child in kindergarten or at home longer?

In different countries children are given to school at different ages. For example, in Japan, small students go to school since 5 years. True, the very system of education is very different from ours, domestic. For example, in the Russian Federation, children are admitted to school from 6.5 years, and according toThe Law of Ukraine "About zagalnu srednju osvіtu". article 20: "Disposal of up to sunlessly invasive mortgages to be paid, as a rule, z6 years  "That is, the domestic legislation only recommends the age from which the child should go to school, but does not impose it. Therefore, six-, and seven- or eight-year-old children are accepted without problems into the first class.

Often parents hurry to give the child early to school, since he already knows how to read, count, write. But such skills are not the most important for the child, after all, in the end, it is this child in the first class that is taught. But the psychological and physical readiness for school, its regime and workload are much more important for a future first-grader. Long stay in one place, sitting position, lack of daytime sleep - all this is unusual for a child and the younger he is, the harder he tolerates it. The child quickly overworked, feels depressed, defenseless. A child psychologically not ready for school, it is difficult to sit out a forty-minute lesson, because he needs a change of occupation after 20-25 minutes. The fine motor skills of the child's fingers are not yet sufficiently developed, and even with all the desire, he may not get the letters in the words. This makes the child nervous, worried.

A child who is much younger or much older than his classmatesmay feel uncomfortable. Already in the first grade, differences in height and weight between children of different ages are noticeable. And when the child moves to the upper grades, he will stand out even more among classmates.

If the parents send the child to school at a later age, this is also not always useful. The older child may be bored in the lessons, especially if the parents before the school were intensively engaged in his education, for example, they were taken to the preparatory courses. He may also be uninteresting with his classmates - they are too small for him. When a child is sent to school at the age of about 8 years and older, the parents, among other things, try to "preserve the childhood" of their child in this way. But there is no special benefit in "overdoing" the child at home, when he is already physically and mentally matured for the school.

Every child is different.  For one, it will be more useful to be at school early, for another - later. To find out if your child is ready for school, it is best to contact a child psychologist. The specialist will conduct several tests with the baby, which will help to determine the degree of his readiness for school.

I remember myself at school. I was born in the summer, so I went to school at exactly 7, as it was supposed then. In my class there were children and a year younger, but only one child was 1 year older. As it was not accepted then to give the children later, parents preferred to give the child to school early. By the way before the school nikiah preparatory courses did not pass, only kindergarten. This was quite enough.

Our education system is, sorry for the expression, full Mr. I do not understand why a child to go to school from the age of 6, to sit there until hidden. Previously, the same program took place in 10 years, and it seems that they did not grow stupid.

It all depends on the child, one is ready in five years, the second one and at eight still early to go to school. It is best to test the child for school readiness. The test results will show whether a particular child is ready for the school load.

I remember my first class perfectly. I had a wonderful teacher, although the shock itself was so-so. Our teacher personally took the children to her classroom, she talked with everyone. I remember asking different questions, I answered and was so proud that I knew something and I was accepted into the class. Later the whole class was formed from "strong" children. And he became the best student in our parallels. I think it is the merit of the teacher, who first of all picked up such a collective, in which all the children are stretching for each other, it is all interesting to learn. Here's to such a teacher and at 6 and 7 years old do not feel sorry to get into class.

My daughter is December, we already go to the school courses, but I still think it's worth to give in September will be 6.8. We have a lot of January in the group, and this is almost a year older, there are also November ones, it does not seem to be as small as 119cm, but I still do not want the youngest, and if next year it is almost 8 (7, 8) pozhnovato like, but next year we will be able to enroll in a good school, this year did not have time all because of these reflections, which I very much regret.

I went to school exactly at 6.5 years old. Since March 1 I have D. R ..