With the development popularity of the slings before many parents face the question: do I need a stroller? Is it possible to do just a sling or, on the contrary, the stroller is more useful for a child? Try to understand which is better: buggy or sling?



What is wrong with a traditional stroller?

The stroller is very bulky{!LANG-5f0e7f75f5bed824c965532c7edb0df2!}

Heavy stroller mom uncomfortable one to enter into the entrance{!LANG-34e7192e63e0f038771863e87ba4d12c!}

With a sidecar not you come to the store{!LANG-5c3faf7fd12c40cdc478d557b2deb372!}

The stroller need to be stored somewhere.{!LANG-17c7071f4b316fcc2d04f9f9a61c3498!}

Carriage in rainy weather or in winter slush, you have to wash{!LANG-10a9604ae028aba287f814063810669f!}

Stair treads in public areas {!LANG-41a9a0a8f3ac58eee9bbb68e2c654265!}{!LANG-7931b2c59a059e77c60ebb54807a0aea!}

In spite of all these disadvantages, the stroller cannot be replaced{!LANG-6097942c9dfb2eee662f37c1e9b1c867!}

In the winter, when the ice on the road. wear baby in a sling is quite dangerous, because the mother can slip. With a stroller in this case, safer.

The stroller will help out{!LANG-72adb06c762dda2911475f51fa011c52!}

If the family has more than one child{!LANG-d35282719ccfcb353fcb7213acde0d50!}

If the mother is expecting a baby{!LANG-6b3d987a756d943e9595f970d8c2c53d!}

When the baby is already walking{!LANG-4576d13fd0b9bd5517c03b67be042c86!}

Sling is recommended{!LANG-8eb2d8398e5827d0b588be9f96ef3b02!}

Pose baby in a sling{!LANG-268b59b850746ac0329b1788aaf0719c!}

{!LANG-bd7c73aabf609e4d7d975b2ae408c023!}when you need to go to the clinic{!LANG-973d2b8d14d48f93dba276b62ad0870f!}

In a sling baby you can breastfeed{!LANG-3e5e3ad6b06c01e90075589e640077a7!}

The sling allows the baby to see what is happening around. C 2-3 months, the child is very actively interested in the world around him is not enough review out of the stroller.


Listening to their feelings and to your baby, every mother will determine what the stroller or sling, it is more convenient to use at home or on the go.