With the development popularity of the slings before many parents face the question: do I need a stroller? Is it possible to do just a sling or, on the contrary, the stroller is more useful for a child? Try to understand which is better: buggy or sling?

Well, what is a baby carriage, everyone knows firsthand. But what a miracle is overseas - sling - not everyone knows. In short, the sling is a special wide band of tissue, through which the child is attached in a special way to the mother. Moreover, the hands of the mother are free, and the load on the back is evenly distributed.

Slings in the modern world are experiencing a "second birth". After all, thousands of years ago this adaptation was actively used by women of eastern countries: India, China, etc. Mom tied her baby to the back or chest and could engage in traditional for women in these countries work: collect tea leaves, work in the rice field, etc.

What is wrong with a traditional stroller?

The stroller is very bulky  - trips in public transport are turning into a real torture for my mother. Even in a personal car the wheelchair is not always convenient to pack, as it does not fit in the trunk.

Heavy stroller mom uncomfortable one to enter into the entrance  on the stairs, the stroller can not fit in an ordinary, not a freight elevator.

With a sidecar not you come to the store. it must be left at the entrance, to the conscience of passers-by: who passes by, and who pozaritsya on someone else's good.

The stroller need to be stored somewhere.  If the stroller is stored at home, it clutters the already small area of ​​a standard apartment.

Carriage in rainy weather or in winter slush, you have to wash. This again is extremely inconvenient in the conditions of small-sized apartments.

Stair treads in public areas not always equipped with special rails  for prams. If the rails are still there, then their width may not match the width of the wheelchair, moms have to come up with various dodgy ways to pull the stroller off the stairs or lift it upstairs.

In spite of all these disadvantages, the stroller cannot be replaced. if, for example, you need to walk with your child in the winter. Walking on long distances in this case is much less tedious for the mother and baby, if the child is in a stroller. In this case, sling, in principle, can also be used, but it is not always convenient to hide a child under the mother's outer clothing or to sit it over the mother's coat or jacket.

In the winter, when the ice on the road. wear baby in a sling is quite dangerous, because the mother can slip. With a stroller in this case, safer.

The stroller will help out  Mom, if she needs to make a lot of purchases. In this case, the inconvenience of the wheelchair is compensated by a convenient capacious basket, and carrying a baby in a sling and many more bags and bags while hardly opening the shop door is not the best option.

If the family has more than one child. then the stroller on the walk is more convenient than the sling. To catch the eldest or to shake it on a swing is more convenient when the baby is sleeping in a stroller.

If the mother is expecting a baby. it is contraindicated to wear the elder in a sling. After all the kid already heavy and, besides, can inadvertently kick a mum with a leg.

When the baby is already walking. Sling to him is more of a hindrance than help. The kid wants to run, jump and put him in a stroller or take out of it much more convenient than tie-untie the sling every five minutes.

Sling is recommended  for toddlers, who need just physical contact with their mother for peace of mind. When a baby needs to be around the clock around the clock, the sling will help to stay with the baby, and free his hands for other things.

Pose baby in a sling. the touch to my mother's warm body, the maternal gait that is habitual since the mother's uterine life, all help to reduce the discomfort of the baby if it pains the abdominal pain.

In those cases,when you need to go to the clinic  or to the store around the corner for a loaf of bread, sling is more convenient than a stroller. First, the stroller has nowhere to put, and secondly, in order to quickly run after one or two products, the basket of the stroller is not needed, and there are still difficulties in carrying the stroller out of the house and back.

In a sling baby you can breastfeed  even in a public place. Wide fabric completely protects the baby and mother from extraneous views.

The sling allows the baby to see what is happening around. C 2-3 months, the child is very actively interested in the world around him is not enough review out of the stroller.

Sling - a convenient thing for mom. But we must not forget that the older the baby becomes, the more new needs and it is not enough for him to be alone with his mother. Therefore, the sling and stroller are not interchangeable, but rather complementary adaptations, each of which is good in its own way. If a child sleeps well in a wheelchair, then for his psychological health it is perfectly safe to be in it, and sling is very useful for mom at home and you can take it with you for a walk.

Listening to their feelings and to your baby, every mother will determine what the stroller or sling, it is more convenient to use at home or on the go.