Children's jealousy almost always manifests itself when a family gives birth to a second child. No matter how big the age difference is between kids, the older child will feel the prick of jealousy. And that's fine. This means that the child loves his parents. Much worse it would be if a two or three year old did not react to the appearance of a younger child. It is impossible to completely eliminate a child's jealousy, but minimizing it is possible.

When the family is just beginning to prepare for the birth of the younger child, the elder can already be gradually prepared for the birth of a new member of the family. You can suggest that the baby help mother prepare a baby crib for the baby's future, decorate the room. If, in connection with the birth of the second child, changes in the life of the first are planned, then these changes must occur at least a couple of months before the birth of the youngest child. This is necessary so that the older child does not feel hurt.

It is especially important to prepare an older child for the fact that the mother at the time of birth will be absent for some time. It should be explained to the baby that everything will be ok with her mother, she will return soon, because a child can feel a huge fear of losing her mother. While mom will be in the maternity home to the rest of the family should be especially attentive to the baby.

When a new member of the family is already at home, the mother can offer the older child to become her indispensable assistant. Almost all children want to grow up quickly, so the mother can give the baby feasible instructions for caring for the newborn: hold the towel during bathing, give a bottle. But it is very important not to "go too far". If the older child does not want to help caring for the baby - it is not necessary to coerce him, otherwise it can cause the child's anger and his desire to do something bad to the brother or sister.

The mother should give the older child as much attention as possible. The words that the mother loves both children equally, for a child remain but words, they mean nothing if the mother is unavailable. The emergence of the youngest child had less impact on daily routines of older. Still need to go on walks, to draw, to play together.

The older child usually tries with all his might to "win" the attention of his mother, "stolen" by the younger. "Why is everyone babbling with a baby? Because he is helpless, "the older child thinks and begins to behave as well. He can ask his mom for a pacifier, play with his infant toys, wet his panties. Mom does not need to blame him for it. It is better to show the elder how much more profitable to be an adult, how much is available to him and how little - to the kid.

Sibling rivalry often takes an aggressive form. A senior can try to hit the baby or anything like that to hurt her. Parents should try not to bring up the fact that the child took out their anger on younger, warning his aggression. It is therefore important to monitor the behavior of the older child and quenching bouts of anger, still "in the Bud". If the child struck a younger, it is impossible to beat, humiliate, otherwise later it can still repeat this action.

Rivalry between two children can not be encouraged. Parents should try to compare their children as little as possible. It is best to praise and encourage both children. Also, in conflict situations, one should not take one side, both children should be punished for joint pranks.

Children's jealousy, which was "neglected", can interfere with the normal relationship of brothers and sisters, even in adulthood. Therefore, parents from the very childhood should bring both children to be faithful and reliable friends. After all, in the whole world there is no one nearer and dearer than the family.