Almost every child sooner or later asks parents to make it to a pet. Communication with our smaller brethren, is undoubtedly helpful for the child, because he learns to care about someone, to take responsibility. However, to this communication was pleasant and safe, it is important to choose a pet. What kind of pet to give a child?

In the first place. you need to try to find out whether the baby really wants to have a puppy or a kitten. It is necessary to explain to the child as much as possible that the pet is not a toy, but a living being, for which it is necessary to take care of. If it suddenly turns out that the child's desire was "momentary," at best parents will take care of the animal themselves or give it to friends, and at worst - just throw a pet on the street.

Who do you choose?   A dog, a cat, a parrot, a hamster or silent fish? Everything depends on the certain capabilities of the parents and on the nature of the baby. Obviously, in a small apartment of a city high-rise building, keeping a dog of one of the big breeds would be extremely unreasonable. But in such an apartment for sure there is a place for a hamster cage or a parrot, for a small aquarium. Cat hair is a pretty strong allergen, so you can get a kitten only in those families where no one is allergic to the animal's fur.

Moving child unlikely to enjoy a relaxed, slow turtle is tired of him. But any "active" animal, whether a puppy or a smart decorative mouse will bring baby a lot of joy.

Choosing a pet for a child parents should remember. that some animals need walks in the open air, while others perfectly live in an apartment: in a cage or aviary. Therefore it is necessary to take into account, whether there is a possibility for the kid to walk the dog. for example, and whether the parents are ready to the fact that the carpet of their apartment will run a rat, hamster or guinea pig.

Buying the right feed   - A considerable expense item for keeping a pet. Some animals are unpretentious, while others can only give special food. But in any case, most animals can not be given food from the human "table". Therefore, when buying a pet for a baby, it is necessary to take into account the financial side of the issue.

Almost each child wants to take their pet on hand, to stroke it. But certain types of animals very painfully react to all sorts of "grab-Sy" and hugs. For example, the chinchilla is a very beautiful fur animal – not like when it take on hands, the wet hands she gets in "coat".

To buy a child aquarium fish?   On the one hand, fishes for the child are absolutely safe, and on the other hand care for them is not any easier than for other kinds of pets. It is necessary and feed the fish in time, and change the water, and clean the aquarium. By the way, the equipment of the aquarium can "fly in a lot of money": a filter, an aerator, ultraviolet lamps are worth a lot.

The choice of a pet depends also on thethe age of the child. To very small children, up to 5 years, it is better not to buy an animal at all. At this age the child is still too young to understand the entire responsibility for his pet. But from 5-6 years, you can safely buy a child of various decorative rodents, in particular hamsters and guinea pigs, as well as parrots (better wavy, they are not very demanding in care). When the child is older, about 8-9 years old, he can give a rabbit, a short-haired cat or a small dog, provided that he does not have allergies to these animals. Years with ten children may already be interested in land and water turtles, aquarium fish. A child over 12 years old will cope with the care of any pet, even for a large dog.