The ability to clearly and competently Express your thoughts is important. From the moment the child begins to write their first letters in the main school and parents are trying to teach him to write correctly, without errors. But someone manage complex turns of phrase, and some find it difficult to write without mistakes, even the most common words. How to teach a child to write without errors?

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By the way, the book is an essential companion for mastering the skill of spelling{!LANG-177854e36fd446008a9f56225d14ff49!}


If the child dictations writes well, right, but when copying the text here and there makes mistakes – probably blame carelessness{!LANG-5ea560531746ed2bce893de00a8e7083!}

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The child who makes mistakes when copying words from the Board or from books, can you advise to pronounce the words in a whisper{!LANG-09a9b6ffabf5e6e093cfd6f0ec4f6ced!}

How to teach a child good at writing dictations?{!LANG-f3bccc06373e58f089c143a930f04af5!}

My friends, the school teaches only the basics of literacy lays the Foundation for literate writing. The language as selected, one day I received a profession, requires knowledge throughout a conscious active life. Language is necessary to learn throughout life.

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