Parents often complain about the complete lack of control of their children. These children do not respond to persuasion or punishment, they constantly climb "where you should not", first getting into a fight. Looking for unmanaged child the impression that he knows no standards of behavior at all. How to cope with a runaway child?

Almost all parents sooner or later, complain of periodic "ungovernability"  their children: the child throws toys, does not listen, can throw a tantrum. But such, rather rare, phenomena are not dangerous. After all, often such uncontrollability is just a stage of becoming and growing up a child. It happens that such children are quietly and obediently behaving in kindergarten, in public, and at home they turn into small tyrants and literally plague the whole family. Then, most likely, the child feels his impunity and simply does not want to follow the rules and requirements of adults.

For hyperactive  the child's state of uncontrollability is familiar. Such a child really can not restrain himself, even if he strongly wanted to. A hyperactive kid chaotically switches from one subject to another, which happens to be in his field of vision accidentally, and no one does it to the end. The child often responds inappropriately, without pondering the meaning of the questions, does not listen to what is being said to him.

This behavior is not a whim of the child, and is connected with the peculiarities of his psyche and physiology. Hyperactive children are usually diagnosed with MMD (minimal brain dysfunction). These are residual effects of organic brain damage. It occurs either when the child was still in the womb (for example, with severe toxicosis or Rh-conflict), or during childbirth, or because of severe illnesses in the first months after birth.

Hyperactivity is a disease, though the symptoms are not similar to the "classic set" of the patient. This means that a hyperactive child needs treatment. Whether this treatment is medically or psychologically-pedagogical depends on the cause of hyperactivity. If there are organic disorders in the work of the child's nervous system, then drugs can not be dispensed with. But even in this case, the patient and persistent inoculation of the rules of behavior to the child is not abolished.

As parents to deal with unruly child?

An uncontrollable child is a storm and chaos, so parents needtry to arrange life and inner peace  your baby. Hyperactive children simply need a strict regime of the day. You can even hang out on the wall a detailed schedule, which the child should perceive as something that is beyond his will or the will of his parents.

But when you schedule, your parents you should consider the needs of your child. sometimes he simply can not fulfill a demand or request immediately. Therefore, one must reckon with the fact that such a child will have to repeat his request several times. In this case, it will be useful to inform the child about your demand in advance. For example, you can warn the child that in 20 minutes it's time to finish the game. After 10 minutes, warn him again. Then, by the appointed time, he will be ready to finish his game, and the parents' nerves will remain intact.

Parents unmanageable child needs to get used to to communicate with child measured. in a soothing tone, without irritation. Otherwise, in the family, where both parents and children are born with a half-turn, constant exhausting scandals can not be avoided.

The overabundance of bright impressions harmful for the unmanaged child. Better when parents notice that the baby starts to go into Overdrive, to offer the child to go to rest and not wait for the beginning of "the tempest". To help the child "get over it", you can ask him simple questions on interesting topics. Then the child will be forced to think about their answers and return to a calm state.

Unmanaged child need to be able to vent his energy. To channel this energy into a peaceful channel will help with sports, dancing, outdoor outdoor games.

I think that hyperactivity is rather related to the problem of self-realization. The lack of information-emotional contact between parents and the child creates dissatisfaction, which can manifest itself in this way

And it seems to me hyperactivity and a desire to express myself, that is, the same self-realization is not exactly the same thing. In the first case, the child is purely physically incapable of calm, balanced behavior, and in the second - simply does not want to, trying to prove his "I"

written about my son. honestly (my husband and I are suffering (((already no strength, and it began with the very first days!) every day we hope that this behavior will change (((which doctors need to be treated?

Zdrastvujte my son 4 goda.Rastem paternity. I do not know what to do. Son does not listen to me at all. He plays toys, yells he does not want to eat. us in the garden soon and he is not ruled. on the street he picked up bad words. And now he constantly speaks them. On good terms he tried to explain that these are bad words and only bad boys say them. he tried to explain that the toys should be collected by samy.v generally and tried well and for the bad. nothing acts. begins to fight so that I can not go to work because of bruises, bites me about the regime I'm generally silent. All say this is upbringing. but how to fix it if it does not take a good look, and when I swear or there is a belt in the pope, he laughs and continues pomot.Pomogite I do not know what to do.

And I'm sure I wrote about my daughter.She is 2,5 years old and it is really unmanageable in the good we have forgotten how to communicate with her.And what's amazing is that she has a very high pain threshold,it is possible to peel and the priest,and so that I have the hand becomes red and whining from the pain.She shut himself the finger falls out of their chairs and nothing,a few tears and sobs-appearances-and all went on about their business.So the use of force,slap on the butt,a hand when picking lip etc.-does not work absolutely.At a good can do not even attempt to say,in the best case you're going to ignore.And all this despite the fact that I am a VERY strict mother,not giving descent and concessions.Try that was discipline,but it is simply impossible to achieve when the most crazy already.

Natalia, I have the same problem. To the son of 2,5 years, we have addressed to the neurologist, to us have appointed or nominated treatment. We also signed up for the school of early development. I hope that helps though.

Dear mothers, look around, the world around us is changing very intensively and this can not but affect the new generations of children. Our children correspond to that rich, fast, bright world that surrounds them. Too many incentives: bright colors, loud sounds, new impressions every day. At me most from sounding toys the roof goes, and what to speak about nervous system of the small child. And this tendency to develop and stimulate. Yes, our children need to be protected from the influence of a bright, "one-off" environment, so that their psyche can safely ripen. And yet, we constantly pull back and "build" our children and this is another factor that is exciting the nervous system and already dumbfounded from the whole surrounding child. So look around and draw conclusions

Absolutely agree with Arina. Our world is crazy, and on children it can not but be reflected. Your patience and love will help your hyperactive child. But you can not beat and shout at such children. There will be nothing good from such methods.