Furniture for children's room should be comfortable and safe, and also, of course, pleasant for the baby. In addition, it must withstand the "onslaught" of children's games and pranks, to adapt to the needs of the child. How to choose good furniture for the nursery?


All the furniture for the nursery should be made from environmentally friendly materials{!LANG-f06e642a4ecae0fa64722075b9a25060!}

On all the furniture it is necessary to demand that the seller hygiene certificate{!LANG-b32647a5d2cdc48ff06129b2bac931cb!}

{!LANG-bb42f4d5ff491a316bb59170eff36277!} should be easy to clean, breathable, no slip, don't cause allergies. Also best to upholstery fabric did not support combustion for maximum protection from fire.

Though it is believed that children like bright colours, but the colour of the furniture does not have to be "eye gouge". Pastel colors{!LANG-9891cbe3f6377ec06fa1300634e48993!}


Furniture for children's room it is advisable to choose no sharp corners. Because children are so restless, so it's important that even if the kid on the run faced with a bed or a wardrobe, he didn't get hurt.

All children's furniture should fit child's growth{!LANG-44035ba408ccb9995d3c4b68e8502dc2!}

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