Furniture for children's room should be comfortable and safe, and also, of course, pleasant for the baby. In addition, it must withstand the "onslaught" of children's games and pranks, to adapt to the needs of the child. How to choose good furniture for the nursery?

It is obvious that the children's room for the newborn and the room for the younger student are different as the sky and the earth. So the newborn needs, above all, a crib, as well as a small chest of drawers or a wardrobe, changing table. The grown up kid already needs a table, behind which you can draw and sculpt from plasticine, and later - engage in lessons. There is a need for a bookcase or several shelves for books, in toy boxes.

All the furniture for the nursery should be made from environmentally friendly materials. Particular attention should be paid to the varnishes and paints that the furniture covers. They should not contain toxic and harmful substances for the child. To give preference to furniture from solid wood, but since such furniture is quite expensive, it is acceptable to use in children's furniture and MDF.

On all the furniture it is necessary to demand that the seller hygiene certificate. Especially it concerns furniture from chipboard. In addition, you can not put furniture in the child's room, if one of the materials from which the furniture is made, the baby has an allergy.

Upholstery of furniture should be easy to clean, breathable, no slip, don't cause allergies. Also best to upholstery fabric did not support combustion for maximum protection from fire.

Though it is believed that children like bright colours, but the colour of the furniture does not have to be "eye gouge". Pastel colors. for example, pale pink, light green or blue, are pleasing to the eye and visually make the room more spacious, lighter.

Availability of free space   in the room is very important for the child. The kid should have a place for games, entertainment. Therefore, furniture for the nursery should not be cumbersome, it should not be very much. Enough if in the children's room will be only functionally necessary pieces of furniture.

Furniture for children's room it is advisable to choose no sharp corners. Because children are so restless, so it's important that even if the kid on the run faced with a bed or a wardrobe, he didn't get hurt.

All children's furniture should fit child's growth. He should be comfortable and most get their things or toys from the drawers of the closet or table. The table and chair for the child should maximize the development of good posture. Therefore, it is impossible that these pieces of furniture are too high or too low for the child. The chair can be chosen with a leg adjustable in height. The legs of the child sitting on a chair should not "hang out" in the air, otherwise he will try to adopt a more comfortable pose, one of those that are very harmful to the immature pediatric spine.

Not always size of the children's room   allow you to place in it "high-grade" furniture. Then the modular furniture or furniture-transformer will come to the rescue. For example, a complex of a bunk bed, the first "floor" which serves as a working place or place for games, and the second - a sleeping place, and a wardrobe occupies only 3-4 square meters.