Perseverance, concentration, peace of mind – skills that will never be superfluous. How to instill these skills little fidget? Need to play with him Board games. What are Board games for children?

There are many wonderful board games. This is a lotto, and a "monopoly", and card games, and checkers with chess. The genre variety of table games is great. For example, they distinguish:

  • strategic
  • logical
  • card
  • detective
  • economic
  • traditional
  • erudition and other

Of course, the age of the child influences the choice of a suitable board game. It should be remembered that it is very difficult for young children to sit in one place for a long time. Usually they "take" minutes for 10-15. The level of the board game should match the level of intellectual development of the child.

So, when choosing a board game for a preschooler or first-graders, it is better to give preference to competitive games or gambling games (with a cube and "walking" figures). Such games teach the child patience, the ability to concentrate, the desire for victory and skill worthy of losing.

Still, literally from the first year of life, the child can be offered a wonderful board game - picking up puzzles. For very young kids puzzles should consist of a couple of large parts, and with age, the number of parts increases, and their size decreases. At first, parents should especially closely monitor the baby in the process of this game, because the child probably wants to try everything on the "tooth."

The rules of the Board game should be clear to the child, honest in relation to it (can a child really to win or elders need to give?). The duration of the game should not cause discomfort to the child, and all actions and figures should be clear and understandable for him.

For middle-aged students, board games are already more complicated. They can play in strategy or "economic" games (the same monopoly, for example). "Walkers" to older students are also interesting, especially if their rules become more complicated. Board games for children of this age are taught to work in a team, work out a strategy together, win or lose together.

Children aged 12-13 years old can usually play along with adults playing all board games.

What should I look for when buying board games?

As already mentioned, a very important role is played by the rules. The clearer and clearer they are marked the more clearly the game so it more interesting for him. The rules of the game should not be contradictions, they must be fair and logical.

The game field should be chosen according to the age of the child, it is important that it is not overloaded with details. For pre-school kids, playing fields with their favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons are well suited.

A board game is a great simulator for the mind, savvy, erudition. A good board game brings children and parents together, a fun group of friends and will become an indispensable entertainment on any children's holiday.