How to choose a school bag to the future first grader? Why you should prefer schoolbag for first-grader's backpack, and the student's portfolio it is better to forget?

Among the variety of bags for school supplies popular among first-graders and their parents use school bags. School bags for first graders – the most convenient and safe.

The fact is that only school bags have a rigid orthopedic back, which allows the child to maintain a good posture. Backpacks with their soft backs or even portfolios that need to be worn in one hand are not suitable for first-graders. These school bags are better to buy for high school students.

How to choose a backpack?

School bags for first graders must meet certain requirements.   So, the properly selected knapsack should not be wider than the shoulders of the child, the height of the knapsack should not be more than 30 cm.

The weight of the empty school pack for first graders should not be about 700-1000 g. according to the norms established by pediatricians, the weight of the satchel together with its contents should not exceed 10% of the child's weight.

To choose the right schoolbag, you have to try.   The back should fit snugly, the straps should be adjustable, because the child will have to wear a knapsack with different clothes. The school satchel should sit on the child so that the top edge of the satchel is not above the shoulders, and the lower one is below the hips.

Straps school backpack for first graders should not bump into the shoulders of the baby – for they should be broad, of an elastic material. The straps should be well stitched, preferably in a few lines.

The material from which made the schoolbag for a first grader should be light, hygienic, waterproof.   Well if the back of the satchel has a special soft lining of mesh fabric - this will prevent the fogging of the back of the child when wearing a knapsack.

The knapsack should not be deformed under the influence of the weight of the textbooks and notebooks put in it.   Inside the school bag, there should be several branches for first-graders. In the department at the back of the satchel it is best to place textbooks, on the opposite side - notebooks, pencil case. On the bags, as a rule, there are also several external pockets - they are convenient to put a bottle of water, sandwiches.

For the safety of the child, school satchels are equipped with reflective elements. thanks to which the child is easier to see at night. The color should be bright, noticeable, for example, yellow or orange.

To school pack for first graders should not be any traumatic details. i.e. burrs on the plastic handles, cutting edges, etc. All the zippers and locks of the container should be easy to open and close child.

The color of the material of the container must be resistant   - it's easy to check, with effort holding a moistened handkerchief over the surface of the knapsack. The scarf must remain clean.

Choose a container first graders need to be updated like a child.   In the modern market of school goods, knapsacks are presented in an assortment, allowing you to choose almost any design. The more a school satchel will please a future first-grader, the more willingly he will wear a knapsack.