Young mothers often face this problem, as diaper dermatitis. It is also called podguznikov rash. What is nappy rash and how to cure it?

Causes of diaper dermatitis

In fact, diaper rash is inflammation of the skin. The skin of babies is very delicate and its surface layer is very thin, so irritation occurs easily. In addition, local immunity of the skin of the baby has not yet formed, so in microtrauma can easily become infected.

Frequency of occurrence nappy rash — from 35 to 50%, it is one of the most common skin problems in infants. Girls risk of nappy rash more than boys. Most often, nappy rash is observed in children prone to allergies, antibiotics or being bottle-fed.

Most often, nappy rash occurs on areas of skin that touch the diaper or the diaper (buttocks, genitals, inner thighs). The skin on these areas is characterized by high humidity that increases the likelihood of nappy rash. Diaper dermatitis can cause different reasons. in particular:

  • mechanical — the skin friction of the diaper or diapers
  • physical — heat and high humidity
  • chemical — exposure urine and feces, as well as means for washing diapers
  • microbial effects of pathogenic bacteria

Diaper dermatitis occurs when improper use of creams, powders, soaps and other care products, a rare change of diapers, the use of diapers that do not breathe well, allergies to cosmetics or detergents.

The symptoms of diaper dermatitis

How to determine what your baby nappy rash? Damaged skin is red and swollen, and then may begin to peel off. Sometimes have small bubbles. The baby cries because he feels itching, burning or even pain. It mild   diaper dermatitis, which is quite easy to cure.

If you overlook these symptoms will start the average degree   diaper dermatitis. In the folds of the skin will begin to form microcracks, small erosions, pustules, and the skin becomes more red.

It happens also severe diaper dermatitis. In the most severe cases cracks, abscesses and erosion more extensive, have irregular outlines, erosive surface begin to get wet. Possible rejection of the surface layer of the skin and formation of ulcers.

Diaper dermatitis may be accompanied by a streptococcal, staphylococcal or a fungal infection. So, it's probably infected with fungus candida. causing thrush, — the so-called candidal dermatitis .

Treatment of diaper dermatitis

If nappy rash to notice at an early stage and properly treated, it passes through two or three days. If diaper dermatitis is very important time to change diapers. the child was in a wet diaper for very long. Disposable diapers changed every 3-4 hours or as soon as the baby poops it is necessarily pidmyvayuchy child.

When dealing with diaper dermatitis need to exclude overheating a child (not to swaddle too tightly, to maintain the optimum temperature in the room). Well, if 15-20 minutes a day the child will take air baths.

To combat the irritation used special ointments and creams. mostly with zinc content. For easy stage use Desitin, medium and heavy — d-Panthenol and Helps. They have anti-inflammatory and astringent action. Creams and ointments are applied daily on the affected skin in a thin layer during diaper changing.

You need to use only those creams that are designed specifically for children. Cream for adults can cause allergies and aggravate diaper dermatitis. Damaged skin can not be treated with hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green, iodine and other antiseptics!

You have to keep the baby's skin was not too dry or too wet. Wet skin is dried with powder or special ointments, dry moistened with oil or cream.

If diaper dermatitis accompanied by bacterial infection, candidiasis, allergies, you need to go to the doctor!   It is also worth contacting the pediatrician for diaper dermatitis of a severe stage, without trying to do self-medication.

Prevention of diaper dermatitis

Nappy rash can to prevent. To do this, observe all the rules of child hygiene. regular change diapers, bathe and tempted child. If the diaper is soiled, you need to replace it immediately! Before any contact with the baby's skin thoroughly Limite hands. If your child has sensitive skin, better than gauze diapers and prefer pampers .

Let the child several times a day for a few minutes without a diaper, after all air baths — a good prevention of diaper dermatitis. The first month of life the child strongly suggest not to swaddle. During changing dry the baby's skin to lubricate the baby cream or oil. Bedding child should be carefully rinsing — diaper dermatitis can cause residues of detergent. Linen dry iron on both sides.

If you carefully follow all the rules for caring for a newborn. diaper dermatitis does not threaten your child!