Ever since you brought your little fluffy lump in the house, you need to take care of your pet's health. Proper and regular care for your pet will have a positive impact not only on his health, but also on his mood. A healthy dog ​​is playful and benevolent, it will bring fun to your house.

So, starting from the first months of a puppy's life, it is necessary to conduct his regular examination with a veterinarian. The veterinarian will make your pet all the necessary vaccinations.

Worms a dangerous foe, not only Your dog but also for yourself. After all, when You play with your dog, these dangerous parasites can be transmitted to You. It is therefore important to protect your dog from worms. There are many effective and safe products. It is recommended that degelmintizatsiju dogs every six months.

Grooming Your pet should consist of regular brushing with special brushes and wash Your pet with special shampoos. The dog's coat should be regularly checked for signs of fleas. If You notice fleas, use medical drugs and don't forget to spend a number of preventive measures. Definitely need to wash the Mat or rug on which the dog sleeps, and clean all Your furniture and carpets.

Eyes and ears  Dogs should be checked for excessive secretion. Remember that the dog's eyes should not be watery or red. The dog's ears should be cleaned with a dry cotton swab. If there is a large amount of accumulated earwax or damage in the dog's ears, the veterinarian should be consulted - the dog may have a mite or infection.

Monitor claws and teeth  dogs. If claws grow too long, they need to be cut regularly. Teeth should be clean, gums - pink. Therefore, the dog's teeth should be cleaned regularly, literally, as well as people, but with special brushes and pastes. Cleaning the mouth of a dog with a paste for people can be harmful to the dog. In addition, there are many special foods that will help you keep the cleanliness and health of your dog's mouth.

Regular walks  Is the guarantee of your dog's health. Therefore, do not be lazy and always walk your dog at least two times a day. Healthy dogs like activity, run and play with them.

Dogs can't talk. They will never be able to say thank You. But healthy, playful and loyal pet is Your best reward. is not it?