Despite the fact that teenagers are struggling to seem very grown-up, they're still kids that love fun and noisy games and contests. The land of the Soviets offers Christmas contests for kids. which is quite suitable for school holiday party or teenagers.




Tangerine courier


Moderator divides players into two teams. Each team gets a chair, with a tray full of oranges. On the opposite side of the room stands an empty chair with a tray for each team (the distance should be the same for all participants). This game is a relay. The signal from the leading first participant on each team must move a single Mandarin on an empty tray without using your hands. As soon as he does it (or will do, dropping the Mandarin road) and return to the team to start the following party. The winner is the first team which will take all the tangerines on his empty tray.

Ice sculptures


Playing in the snow

For this contest you need to prepare as many "snowballs" — crumpled napkins, Newspapers or sheets of paper, and chairs for the number of participants. Players are split into two teams which line up in a row opposite each other on chairs. Each team chooses a "sniper". He gets snowballs and starts throwing them at opposing team players, and those, in turn, must Dodge the projectiles. The presenter considers the amounts of hits. After a certain time the teams swap places. The winner is the team sniper and hit it with snowballs to a greater number of opponents in the allotted time.

Hard way to the tree


Christmas artists