Despite the fact that teenagers are struggling to seem very grown-up, they're still kids that love fun and noisy games and contests. The land of the Soviets offers Christmas contests for kids. which is quite suitable for school holiday party or teenagers.

New Year's competitions for children: games for teenagers

For this competition, you need to split the players into two teams (or more - if the players are too many). Each team becomes a circle. One of the participants in each team is awarded an ice cube. At the signal of the host, players begin to transfer the ice in a circle at the fastest possible rate. The ice must not stay in one hand for a long time! The winner is the team that first melt the ice.

Different versions of this game are possible. You can simply give each team (or each player, if the company is small) a piece of ice, and they will have to melt it as quickly as possible in any accessible way (the only condition is not to use batteries and any other heating appliances, as well as sources of fire). To make the game go more dynamic, you can put a cheerful cheerful music as a background.

Tangerine courier

One of the symbols of the New Year is a round red mandarin. Using these citrus fruits, you can spend a lot of fun contests. One of them is the contest "Mandarin Courier".

Moderator divides players into two teams. Each team gets a chair, with a tray full of oranges. On the opposite side of the room stands an empty chair with a tray for each team (the distance should be the same for all participants). This game is a relay. The signal from the leading first participant on each team must move a single Mandarin on an empty tray without using your hands. As soon as he does it (or will do, dropping the Mandarin road) and return to the team to start the following party. The winner is the first team which will take all the tangerines on his empty tray.

Ice sculptures

Participants are divided into pairs. The presenter calls a letter, and each pair should build the sculpture as quickly as possible, the name of which begins with the letter and has something to do with the New Year. The couple who completed the task last or did not cope with it at all, is out of the game. The leader calls the letters until the winner pair is determined.

Playing in the snow

For this contest you need to prepare as many "snowballs" — crumpled napkins, Newspapers or sheets of paper, and chairs for the number of participants. Players are split into two teams which line up in a row opposite each other on chairs. Each team chooses a "sniper". He gets snowballs and starts throwing them at opposing team players, and those, in turn, must Dodge the projectiles. The presenter considers the amounts of hits. After a certain time the teams swap places. The winner is the team sniper and hit it with snowballs to a greater number of opponents in the allotted time.

Hard way to the tree

This contest is no longer a team competition, but a single one. For this game you need a fairly spacious room, which is a Christmas tree. A prize is placed on the tree, to which are led several intersecting "paths", painted on the floor with colored crayons. The more complex and long the path, the more they intertwine - the better. At the beginning of each path you need to put a card on which you will write the ways of movement along the "path" - squatting, crawling, skipping on one leg, back, without feet, etc. Each player must choose a "path" (naturally , not seeing what is written on the card). At the signal of the leader, players begin to move along the specified route in a certain way. The one who managed to finish first is considered the winner and takes the prize from under the tree.

Christmas artists

At least eight people are required for this competition. Players are divided into two equal teams, which become a column in the back of the head to each other. To the first person in each column, the presenter gives a pen (or a marker pen) and paper, and the last player shows a picture with a New Year's plot (it should not be too complicated, but not too simple). At the signal of the presenter, the last player in each team draws a picture on the back of the standing player ahead of him. This "drawing" is forwarded on the principle of the relay, more and more distorted with each player. The task of the first person in each column is to reproduce the drawing, which reached him, on paper. The winner is the team, whose image will be closest to the original.