In the eve of new year holidays, many parents ask the question: how to choose gifts to children on New year? Country Councils will share a few ideas of original Christmas gifts to the children.

No matter how great the temptation to give the child something needed and useful (in your opinion), remember that the New year is a magic holiday. Maybe a new pair of jeans the child and not hurt, but it's not the best new year's gift. If possible, buy him those jeans just. And gifts to children on New year should be not only useful but also enjoyable .

However, this does not mean you have to give the child useless things. Gifts to children on New year's worth to choose based on the inclinations and interests of the child. Does your child like to draw? Give him high-quality expensive drawing supplies, which simply did not dare to buy. If the child likes to read - give him a beautiful illustrated book. And if you give him a toy - let it be also developing (the designer, puzzles, the choice is now big).

By the way, psychologists believe that different toys help develop different qualities of character in children. For example, soft toys make children kinder and more responsive. However, be careful: if a child is too attached to a soft toy, perhaps he lacks your love and attention. Many parents are afraid to give children toy guns - supposedly it makes children more aggressive. However, games "in the war" more develop mobility than aggression. And gifts for children for the New Year, designed for creativity, develop imagination.

Many parents choose gifts to children on New year depending on the sex of the child: girls — dolls, boys — cars. However the main criterion in choosing children's Christmas gift  - desires and needs of the child. There are girls who like cars and designers, and boys who do not mind playing dolls. Do not be tempted by stereotypes, but buy the child those gifts that he likes.

How to find out what the child wants? Yet it is small and believe in Santa Claus and ask him to write a letter to the North pole. Of course, to read other people's letters is not good, but from the letter you will be able to know what gift will most delight your little one. And the older child you can ask directly. If you want to make a surprise, you have two options. Or you can try to guess what the child wants, or give two gifts — the one he told you, and in addition, a small pleasant surprise.

Gifts to children on New year's eve: 0-2 years

Very young children still can not understand the meaning of the holiday and tell what kind of gift they want. But leaving out a gift in the New Year will be wrong. To small children as a gift it is possible to present bright developing toys. The choice is wide: here and soft toys, and luminous, and musical. You can give the child a traditional rocking horse or mini-car, on which the child can ride himself. Just do not get dressed up in Santa Claus when you give a gift - a kid can get scared.

Gifts to children on New year's eve: 2-7 years

At this age the child himself understands what he wants, and will probably ask for a specific gift from Santa Claus. It is important not to deceive his expectations, otherwise the New Year's holiday will be spoiled. A child of 2-4 years will be pleased with a variety of bright toys, sets for children's creativity, colorful books with pictures. At this age, you can already give your child skis, sleds or bicycles. The same gifts will please the child and 4-7 - only with the amendment for the older age. Usually by this time the child has his favorite cartoon characters - you can give them different things with their image.

Gifts to children on New year's: 7-12 years

At this age children usually stop believing in Santa Claus and know that the gifts you choose. Usually they have a month before the holiday start to tell that would like to have for the New year. Listen to the child and try to fulfill his desire. Well, if the gift is seasonal, for example, skates, sledges or skis.

Gifts to children on New year's: adolescents

Tastes and desires of teenagers are hard to guess. It's better if you go with the child to the store and choose a gift together. Girls can get to like cosmetics or fashionable clothes. boys - sports equipment. Both boys and girls are likely to be happy with a variety of gadgets - mobile phones, players, cameras, etc. However, it is worth discussing your financial possibilities with a teenager in advance in order to avoid misunderstandings.

So, gifts to children on New year should be chosen based on the age of the child, his interests, inclinations and desires and your financial capabilities. Baby Christmas gifts should be useful, but at the same time remain exactly the gifts (surprises). but not by planned purchases.