When the child turns three, he became interested in more complex games than before. In them there is a plot and certain rules. Such games are called role-playing (or just role-playing). Why do we need role-playing games for children?

Role-playing games for kids help them learn. to live. In role play the child can try on different social and professional roles. Children's role-playing games have their own rules and a certain internal logic. They help the child learn to assume certain roles, determine their rights and responsibilities, comply with the rules and compromise.

Role-playing games for kids can be based on different roles and to simulate various spheres of human activity: a professional activity, family life. But even if the plot role-playing the fabulous and fantastic (Prince and Princess, for example), still it is based on real-life interaction.

Baby role-playing games not only help children to try on different roles. They also develop imagination, teach children to look at life situations from different angles. Such games source of information about the child for parents. they involuntarily reflect the surrounding reality, albeit in a somewhat distorted form. For example, after observing how a child plays in a family, you can see how he perceives the family life of his parents.

You can offer to their children children's role play is good support in the upbringing of the child. Some games will offer you the land of the Soviets .


For this game you need to pick up a small, interesting and easy-to-read story. Read it to the children and ask: how do you think, who could tell such a story? And to whom? Children will certainly offer a variety of different versions (but just in case, prepare a pair of your own options if the players suddenly think about or become embarrassed).

And then invite the children to read the story as it was one of the proposed narrators: grumpy old man, a young girl, the evil stepmother of Cinderella. And then all together, select the most likely of the narrator (though praise, of course, all you need).

This game helps to develop children's imagination and acting skills. In addition, it is able to remove the "block" that often occurs when teaching reading - the child can read, but does not want to - is afraid of making a mistake. Usually reading, playing a role, the child is easier: he reads if it's not him, but his character. And if suddenly made a mistake - not scary, so it is necessary for the role.

Family photo

The facilitator suggests the children to imagine that they are all members of one large and friendly family. They need to make a general photo for the family album. First they have to choose a photographer who will put them in the frame and take a picture. Because they choose the head of the family, the grandfather, who will help the photographer. At this point, the guide ends - all the rest the children must decide on their own: who will be the member of the family and where to put it best. When the guys do their job, the photographer takes a picture.

This game will help to identify the leaders and very well illustrates the interaction in the group. Typically, the photographer and grandfather want to be guys who like to be leaders and lead others. At the same time, other members of the family can also try to give directions and guide. The distribution of roles, active or passive behavior of children can tell a lot about each child.

Princess Nesmeyana

Probably, there is no such a child who would not know about the fairy princess Nesmeyane - an incredibly whiny girl, who unsuccessfully tried to laugh and princes and commoners. Was it really that hard? Let the players themselves try to accomplish this task, and decide whether or not to laugh a sullen girl.

Players are selected Nesmeyana Princess and her father — Tsar Berendey. That no one was hurt, for these purposes it is most convenient to use the rhyme. Other players need to amuse the Princess. The task Nesmeyana — save the seriousness for as long as possible, whatever her try to laugh. And the king Berendey will have to choose the best jester and reward him with a gift (better to prepare in advance the prize

Each player is given a minute to try and make the princess laugh. The one who managed to do this, receives a prize from the king's hands and takes the place of the princess. In this game you can play until each player does not try himself in the role of Nesmeyany.

Role-playing for children is not just an interesting pastime, but also way to raise children effectively, but at the same time unobtrusive .