It is very important to monitor the health of your child's teeth from infancy. To teeth your baby was healthy, they need to be cleaned regularly. How to brush your teeth. Read more in the land of the Soviets.

We already wrote about the fact that the health of milk teeth is not less important than the health of permanent teeth. Problems with teeth may result in exacerbation of infections, gastrointestinal diseases, improper diction. In order to avoid all of this, it is necessary from an early age to start brushing teeth.

To your child's teeth have always been healthy and strong, it is very important to properly care for the oral cavity and keep it clean. The land of the Soviets tell you how to brush your teeth .

Council first. The earlier the better. Many parents complain that their children are naughty and do not want to brush your teeth, although they have the age quite conscious. Most often this happens because parents are not taught the child to clean teeth, considering that it's still too small. You need to teach a child to the feeling of brushing your teeth as soon as you begin to cut the first teeth. Of course, brush your teeth with a toothbrush at this age is impossible, you just need to wipe them with a soft and perfectly clean cloth.

The second council. To children - children's toothbrushes and pastes. Young children should not brush your teeth with a toothbrush designed for adults — they are too large, hard and uncomfortable for kids. Special children's toothbrushes are smaller and softer the bristle. The same goes for toothpastes. "Adult" toothpastes that contain fluoride. If a child swallows this toothpaste can be a health problem. Children's toothpastes contain a minimum of fluorine, have a pleasant taste and odor. With a bright brush and special toothpaste is teeth cleaning for a child service, and pleasure.

The third Council. Not wussing out! Brushing the teeth must be carefully. For proper brushing your teeth take your toothbrush (you remember the special, with soft bristles) and squeeze her toothpaste approximately the size of a pea. At least two minutes to brush the inside and outside surface of the teeth. And don't forget the tongue! Brush your teeth as an adult, you need at least two times a day.

The fourth Board. Hygiene between cleanings. During the day, between the child's teeth can get stuck food residues. To keep the mouth of your baby clean, you need to brush your teeth using dental floss. To use to extract food debris toothpicks are not recommended since they may damage tooth enamel or hurt the gums, palate, etc. Encourage your child to independently monitor the oral hygiene!

The fifth Council. Eat right. Regularly brushing teeth is not everything. To keep our teeth strong and healthy, the diet of the child must be complete and balanced. Your baby must get enough calcium and vitamins. To strengthen the gums it is good to give the child carrots and apples (of course, raw, and whole).

The sixth Council. Don't forget to go to the dentist. Some of the adults themselves go to the dentist rarely, and children to it do not drive. Reasons and excuses may be different: "Why treat baby teeth? Still it will fall out!" or "My child is afraid of dentists, don't want to risk psychological trauma!" In fact, regular dental check-UPS every six months just need. The child was not afraid of the doctor, you will have to make some effort: it is important to find "their" expert who will be able to approach your child and make the examination as comfortable as possible. You may have to pay for it at a private clinic — but is the health of the child is not worth it?

As you can see, is not only important to brush your teeth. Need a very early age to monitor the health of his teeth. and then in the future he will not have the slightest problem, not only with baby teeth, but permanent.