Part time job for teenagers Not far off the summer vacation, and students are now looking forward to a well-deserved rest. Someone is going to go to the sea, someone is planning to visit relatives or friends in another city, and someone is going. to work! Summer job for Teens becoming quite popular in recent years.

Summer job for teenagers is even not so much a source of Finance, as the way of self-affirmation. Teenagers strive for independence, which parents can not always provide them. And work, even if temporary, gives the teenager an opportunity to feel adult and independent.

And don't forget about that summer job brings additional income. Even if parents give the child enough pocket money, he is always pleased to realize that he has the means that he earned himself and can spend at his own discretion. Pocket money often makes a teenager dependent on parents, earned independently - give a sense of freedom.

Summer job for teenagers useful from a pedagogical point of view. Independence provides for responsibility; while working, the child is responsible to the employer for the results of his work. So, summer work allows us to show ourselves to adults not only in words, but also in deeds. In addition, it can help a teenager learn how to spend money wisely: by making efforts to earn them, he will think about how to spend the money correctly.

Who can work as a teenager?   Most often teenagers are hired for:

  • distribution of flyers and other promotional materials
  • work promoter (conducting tastings, presentations of goods, etc.)
  • work in establishments of public catering (a kitchen helper, busboy, waiter)
  • work in trade (buying advice, control of display of goods)
  • work by courier
  • works on gardening and landscaping
  • work as a janitor.

This - just a part of the opportunities that are available to a teenager, who decided to find a part-time job during the summer holidays.

But parents need to be on the alert:employment of teenagers has its peculiarities. and if possible, it should be ensured that the child is employed by all the rules, and his work was completely legal. The laws governing the employment of adolescents are designed toto protect minors from exploitation. Some unscrupulous employers are not averse to making money at the expense of free child labor, and labor legislation is designed to protect teenagers from such employers. What rules and laws should the summer work for adolescents submit to?

The student has the right to get a job since the age of 14, when he received the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Except the passport for employment he will need written permission of one of the parents (if the teenager is not yet sixteen), and medical certificate   form. The certificate is issued free of charge in the clinic, and if the work requires also a medical book, the costs for its registration are reimbursed by the employer.

In the presence of these documents is employment contract or contract. It must be concluded no later than three days after the adolescent has started to work. Employment by oral arrangement is highly undesirable - they can also "throw".

Teen you do not have the right to set probationary period. To dismiss him only at their own request or upon liquidation of the company. In other cases, for dismissal of a teenager requires the consent of two bodies, the Commission on minors ' Affairs and the state labour Inspectorate.

For Teens act labour day. up to 16 years - no more than 5 hours a day and 24 hours a week, at 16-17 years - no more than 7 hours a day and 36 hours a week. If a teenager studies and works at the same time, the working day is halved.

There the list of works prohibited for adolescents. Juveniles are forbidden to work in harmful and dangerous working conditions, landfills and underground work - in general, if there is a health risk. The work connected with driving of vehicles or sale of alcohol and cigarettes is forbidden. Teenagers can not work in nightclubs, casinos and gambling salons.

Summer work for teenagers is an excellent opportunity to earn and a wonderful educational tool. But at the same time, working on a vacation is also a source of danger, so parents need to make sure thatjob wants to get their child, safe and legal .

This article is provided for informational (informational) in nature. We are not engaged in employment of teenagers. Leaving in the comments to this article your contact details and any other personal information, you do so at your own risk. The land of the Soviets is not responsible for the possible use of this information by third parties.

Hi,my name is Vlad .Live in the city of Volgograd (Krasnooktyabrsky district).Looking for a job for the summer.Something in the area of leaflets, etc .Versed in computer.At this very moment I'm 13 but at the end of may, the day of the birth, apply for a passport early, so that problems with the passport will not. 8-902-099-20-70
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Hello,I am 16 years old.Looking for a job for myself and for a friend(same age),Makeev a minute,maybe,Donetsk.The La promoter distribution.Would not mind to work in the field service(waiter,nanny,nurse,maid)
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Hi all. I'm 16, I want the summer to get a job. In Chocolate, waitress, and be sure to only June. No one will tell you how much I can get for a month of work, you really get 12 thousand? And when's payday? At the end of the month or beginning of next? In General, anyone that knows, please tell me.

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