Most parents try to take a vacation in the summer to coincide with the summer vacation of the child, and they were able to relax together. Someone traveling with a child at the cottage, some sea views, and some parents even go to Hiking with children. What age is it appropriate to take a child camping? What to bring? Which backpack to choose? These questions are answered by the Country Councils.

Let's start with the first question: what age can I go camping with the kids? Previously, the answer was unequivocal: the child must be at least two years old if the trip is on foot, and five - if the hike is water, mountain or ski. Now you can freely buy a variety of baby goods, special field equipment, and some parents are not afraid to take on hikes, even infants. But is the game worth the candle?

The child from such a hike would not be good if he is two years old, he won't notice and won't remember. Yes, and you will not be to the beauty of the surrounding nature — a large part of your time will be occupied by the child care. Note also that you're more likely to "slow down" the rest of the group — it is unlikely they will like it. Things to hike with a baby have to take a lot more. And novice tourists infants it is better not to take — too dangerous .

So it is better to hike with children who are over two years. But for children under the age of 2 years, the hike should not exceed 1-3 days, and for children 3-4 years old need special driving mode. a half-hour jump — a half hour of rest. Starting from 5-6 years the child can already participate in the duty and execute simple instructions, but the best Hiking will feel students.

What to bring Hiking with kids? In addition to the usual equipment for camping with children can be helpful :

  • the child's documents: birth certificate and medical insurance
  • a minimal individual first-aid kit in addition to the general (antiseptics, sunscreen products, medicines that your child needs);
  • if the child is small and can't walk long distances — a special backpack for carrying baby
  • repellent (be sure that the specific tool can be used in children, and that it does not cause allergies) and to reduce itching from bites
  • waterproof things — a coat, jacket or raincoat, pants, rubber boots
  • hypoallergenic wipes are unscented
  • "Sidushka" made of foam;
  • toys and sports equipment (depending on the age and temperament of the child).

If the child is very small then this list will expand to a certain number of items (disposable diaper, inflatable basin for bathing, etc.).

Next you need to think carefully about the clothes of the child. Common mistake when inexperienced parents take summer trips with the kids enough warm clothing: summer, heat! But without warm clothes anywhere. What kind of clothes do you need to take your child on during the summer hike?

  • running gear - clothes for transitions: light, durable and fast drying clothes, best of all - pants or semi-overalls and anorak jacket;
  • bed set — knit, cotton or wool, depending on the degree of weplanet sleeping bag
  • a waterproof set — coat, jacket or raincoat, pants, rubber boots
  • fleece jacket — warm jacket, hat (in case of night frosts)
  • hats for sun protection — hat or baseball cap
  • shoes - not less than two pairs: tourist boots with thick soles, rubber boots, you can additionally have sneakers or sneakers; Sandals and other open shoes on the hike are undesirable;
  • knitted shirts with short and long sleeves for running gear;
  • linen and socks (ordinary and warm) in sufficient quantities, a towel.

And where all this good put? Part of the equipment and clothes the child can carry on his own, you only needchoose the right backpack. It should be bought only in specialty store for tourists. The backpack should have anatomical shape, wide straps S-shaped form, conveniently adjacent to the shoulders. That they are not home, you need a latch, fastened on the breast, and if the volume of a backpack is more than 20 liters, then another lock at the waist. If you are planning transitions in the dark, need a special reflective elements.

How many kilos can carry a child? If he is younger than four years — better to take the whole weight on yourself, and to give your child a "symbolic" backpack. For a child from 4 to 12 years old maximum weight is half of his age in years, but if the child has no Hiking experience, it is better to load it less. The teenager has quite a way to wear a backpack, the weight of which is equal to his age.

Traveling with children is not only an active holiday, but alsogreat responsibility. But if you provide all the details, you will spend an unforgettable holiday, and the child — an unforgettable vacation!