Sometimes it happens that after giving birth to one child, the mother after some time becomes pregnant again — consciously or just "happened". Here and there in the family Deti-pogodki is both a great happiness and a headache for parents. What you need to be ready to parents of children with a small age difference?

Such a situation has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand children close in age is enough economically, many of the things the older child can immediately "inherited" to the younger. Children-pogodki usually are very friendly, and as soon as the younger child leaves the infancy, they will be each other's companions for games. And my mother will not have to go twice to the decree at the expense of her career - maternity leave will just last for the difference in the ages of children.

On the other hand, two pregnancies in a row is big load on the body. In addition, it is not easy to tolerate toxicosis and late pregnancy and at the same time take care of an infant who constantly requires attention. Yes, and raise children-pogodkov is even more difficult than twins - twins have at least the same regime of the day and the rate of development.

But usually the mother is not to weighing of the pros and cons of giving birth to give birth! It is very important to prepare for the birth of the second child. so that the children of the weather do not drive you crazy: at first it will be very difficult. You need to "strengthen the rear" and find an assistant who will help you with the children and / or with the household. A husband is not an option: should someone make money for a family with two children? So it's better to turn to mother or mother-in-law, and if finances permit - to hire a nanny or a housekeeper. It will not hurt to acquire household appliances: it will save a lot of time and energy.

Before the birth of the youngest child need to teach a senior to independence. In a family where there are children the same age, the eldest child had to grow up, both physically and psychologically. It is desirable that the advent of younger brother or sister, he learned to go potty, sleep separately, independently to eat and drink, to do without the stroller. But after the birth of the second child does not need to present to the senior excessive demands — it is still small, and just needs your love and attention as a newborn.

After the birth of her second child is very important to set the mode of the day. While the younger child did not come out of infancy, the children-pogodki live on different "schedules", and it is quite difficult to bring them to some common denominator. The regime of the day for both kids does not necessarily have to be the same: the main thing is that it is convenient for everyone. If the older child is more or less independent, you can achieve a partial coincidence. There can not be any clear advice, you will have to experiment. If you have an assistant, everything can be easier, but do not "shove" the older child onto it: your attention is needed by both kids.

When children are close in age grow up and start playing together, you will be easier: they will find something to entertain each other. Usually, children are very friendly. they do not represent their lives without each other. Of course, quarrels and misunderstandings are possible, but in general, the weather children in this respect resemble twins. They have common interests, they quietly share one room. But still there are moments that need to be paid attention.

At an early age, physical and intellectual development of children is very intense. And if they are all the time busy with each other a senior can "receive" experiences and knowledge that suit his age. Therefore, it is necessary to go further. But at that time the youngest to do? Let him attend your class. It will be interesting for both kids. While you are going with a senior, the Junior will learn the information that is able to absorb. He will learn by imitating, and imitation is often more effective targeted training. The result is that everyone wins.

When children are close in age grow up, the parents often decide give them to school together. In this case, either the senior goes to the first class a year later, or the younger one - a year earlier, it depends on the development of the children. Often this is a wise decision: starting school is a stress for the child, which should not be aggravated by separation from the closest person. But here it is important not to overdo the stick: the children-pogodki closes on each other less often than the twins, but still sometimes it happens.

Children in the same age — at the same time and double the joy for mom, and a tough test. But if you do not lose heart, you will be able to cope with any difficulties during their education !