The habit of nail biting is not an uncommon phenomenon. It is more common among children than among adults. Noticing that the child bites his nails, the parents punish him. But, alas, it does not help. How to wean your child from this habit?

Why does a child bites his nails?

Before you wean a child's nail biting, you need to understand why he does it. The reasons can be mass. For example, a small child may gnaw your nails, attempt to replace the usual pacifier. which he is no longer given. And at an older age a child gnaws his nails from boredom or out of curiosity.

Still, in the vast majority of cases the child bites his nails in a stressful situation. so he tries to calm himself. This behavior can be immediate, if the stressful situation is "one-off" - for example, the child is shy in the new environment. And if a child gnaws nails all the time, then the stress, most likely, "protracted" and is due to more weighty reasons.

The reason for this stress may serve as an unfavorable situation in the family, divorce of parents, moving to a new apartment, problems in kindergarten or school. The child can't or doesn't want to tell my parents about what was troubling him, and switches his attention from a stressful situation on the nails .

How to wean a child's nail biting?

Noticing that the child bites his nails, mother usually punishes the kid, constantly pulls at him when he pulls his hands in his mouth, puts his nails pepper or aloe. But if the reason behind bad habits — stress, such measures will not help to wean the child to chew nails, but only aggravate stress   and, accordingly, a bad habit.

First you need to determine why the child is biting his nails to find out the cause of his anxiety. If the reason is obvious (for example, parental divorce), you should try to make your toddler don't keep your fears and problems to himself, he began to speak with you about them. To make it easy — you'll need a lot of patience. In no case do not force the child, or he may withdraw into themselves.

No need to scold and punish the child. beat him on the hands, make fun of them with strangers, etc. First, we have already said above that this can only increase stress. Secondly, often the cause of stress is the lack of attention from parents. If you abuse a child for gnawing his nails, he will understand that in this way you can get your attention, and will nail your nails no longer mechanically, but intentionally.

Many parents-to-child smear finger-tips aloe juice or cranberry, mustard, a solution of pepper, and other unpalatable substances. Perhaps this will teach the child to pull hands in a mouth, but the main problem is not going anywhere. Besides, the child will perceive it as punishment and made to feel guilty, even though the cause of stress is not to blame for it. To resort to this method only in cases when the child himself asked you to help him get rid of bad habits   and agreed with this method.

Need to clean up your act. Can to focus on the aesthetic moment. tell your child that nail biting is ugly you hate to look at it, and ask him not to do it with you. Try to make a colorful calendar to note the days when the child was able to defeat the habit.

But most importantly — we need to eliminate the cause of stress. Give your child more attention, offer him fun and interesting pursuits, during which he will not be up to nails. If the problem is not in the family, but in the kindergarten or school - you should talk with the teacher or class teacher and try to solve it together with him. You can, of course, go on the path of least resistance and transfer the child to another garden or school, but the change of place of study can only become a new stress.

If your child bites his nails — don't panic, keep calm and fix this habit of unwanted attention. Find the cause of this behavior and try to gently and patiently fix it — then the bad habit will go away by itself .