Reading is a knowledge of the world. Books teach, are forced to reflect, nurture nature. Some books are even able to completely turn your own world. Can you imagine a person who would not appreciate the significance of the book? But how to teach the child to read that book became his friend? This will tell the country of the Soviets.

The love of reading often depends on temperament and character. It is difficult to force the child to read, if his energy flows over the edge. This "yule" is even difficult to simply sit on the spot. He wants to run in the yard more, play soccer with the guys. No one argues that traffic and fresh air are very useful, but if all of your child's knowledge comes from computer games and television fighters, then this is an alarming signal.

How to teach the child to read

Reading as a game.   Let's start with the fact that reading should be presented as a game. For you, it's no secret that at the earliest age, knowledge is fixed with the help of games. After all, games are not forced to do anything, but, on the contrary, are always accompanied by desire and positive emotions. Games form interests, habits, moral values.

Take the most colorful books and look at the pictures together with the child. The smallest ones like to sound the painted animals: meow, fizz, moo. They are so addicted to this game that the first positive contact with the book is already provided.

Look for a picture.   Think of a story, for example, how the book lost the chanterelles. Let the child try to find the image of the chanterelle by turning pages. Believe me, there will be lots of joy when the chanterelle is finally found. Be sure to praise the child for resourcefulness and continue the game. Later you can modify the game "Find. "- to give an assignment to look for letters.

Sketches the plot.   If your child already knows how to draw, read to him some excerpt from the book and ask him to draw what he heard. You can suggest the plot, but it is very important that the child draws everything himself.

Do yourself book.   It will be very nice if you and your child make a book. First, write a simple tale, then on the sheets of paper make illustrations. Sign the names of the characters. Here it is possible to begin to study letters.

Learn letters.   Show a certain letter in the book, clearly name it and then list a few words that begin with this letter. Let your baby also try to name a few such words. Look for the letter in the book in words, look for this letter on the signs and showcases. Do not forget to praise the child and sincerely rejoice with him. Cursing for failure, if the child has confused something, absolutely not.

Letters can be learned easily, but to combine them into words is more difficult. But gradually you will overcome this obstacle together. At this stage, you need a sea of ​​imagination and patience.

To teach the child to read, there are many techniques. Some teachers offer remember ready words starting with short and simple (ivory, wood, mother).

Others suggest learning how to combine syllables from letters, and then to combine syllables into words. To do this, buy cubes with letters or a special plate with letters on Velcro. But first, repeat all the vowels. After all, there are vowels in syllables.

Put a number of letters, for example, "D" and "A", clearly name them and say that it turned out "Yes", then instead of "D", put, for example, "M", etc. Let the child follow you and try to make syllables. Accompany this occupation with some interesting story about how the letters met and made friends. Similarly, combine syllables into simple words.

Such exercises should be held in a good mood, 10-15 minutes. Do not forget to praise the child.

Rotate the blocks and books. You can combine letters into words not only in books, but also in newspapers, magazines. This will give the child unconsciously understand that information can be obtained from various sources.

Important rule. don't never play with words if the child does not want to. It will only hurt him, books will be associated with negative emotions. To teach the child to read only reinforcing the positive incentives.

Do not worry if your child reads much slower than Alyosha's neighbor. Each child develops individually, much depends on his temperament, character and perseverance. Requiredbooks should be matched with the interests of the child. This applies to grown-up children.

When a child learns to read a little yourself, try to go to the trick: start to read him a new book and focus on the most interesting place, citing urgent business. Let him try to continue by himself.

The most important thing that your child should learn from joint activities is that reading books is not a duty, not a routine job, but a pleasure and the discovery of new worlds. By the way, if parents are fond of reading, then their children also read. Give an example by your actions.

To teach the child to read is not so difficult. Success to you and your kid in this interesting case!