Summer is the perfect time of the first swimming lessons for your kid. Swimming in the river, sea, lake, promotes proper physical development of the child's body and strengthen the immune system. And the Country Councils will tell you how to teach children to swim and overcome fear of the water.

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Swimming at an early age is carried out instinctively, the kid still remembers the water and not afraid of it. First swimming lessons can start from 3-4 weeks of age when it healed umbilical wound. For baby water — native habitat.{!LANG-6b930538cf21e0c02494e54f8636c3d3!}

It is important that swimming lessons took place in a good mood the kid and his parents.{!LANG-856b2cdb358dcb83dbd06e7bf3f3ec56!}

Children up to 2-3 years{!LANG-7f386296bfaefa4aeda7605ffa175339!}


If he shows interest and ability, we can teach children to swim under the guidance of a coach or to show themselves simple elements. You can use a supporting feature: inflatable armbands, belts, collars.

The most favorable age to teach children to swim – with 5-7 years{!LANG-42df427c8ca8295129569595058fc4d3!}


To maintain the body in good shape enough time swimming lessons 2-3 times a week.

If in contact with water the child fell or drowned, the water can cause fear in the future. The phrase "fear Not!" is a concern, even if they were not. Classes are in a good mood, do not cry, be patient. So you will help your baby get comfortable in the new "forgotten old" environment.

Before starting swimming lessons required warm-up{!LANG-645c47364169a52730019aa772fdf0e5!}

  • Walking along the bottom. Walk in the water, algreba hands with fingers locked in ago. Hands keep upright.
  • Dive into the water. Do the exercise together. Hold hands, take a deep breath and soak in water for 5 seconds. Run 5 times. You can gradually increase the dive time and up to 10 times.
  • Eyes opening in the water. You can put on the bottom a few pebbles. Holding hands, dive into the water, open your eyes and count pebbles. You can dive together and look at each other under water.
  • To break away from the bottom. Slightly squat, lower your chin into the water. Bent hands in front of chest repeat rowing motion, occasionally lifting both feet from the bottom.
  • Lying on the back. Take a breath. Put the head on the water, slightly pushing off with their feet, lie back, look up. Legs and arms apart (the body takes the form of a five-pointed star).
  • Swimming on her stomach. Lean your hands on the bottom or on the hands of a partner, straighten your legs. No voltage, alternately kick your legs up and down. Water can only reach the heel. Become on the bottom. Raise both hands to the sides of the chest, as if trying to pass a dense forest. Performing the movement with your hands, gradually raise your legs from the bottom. Increase distance swimming.


The main thing in swimming is a positive emotion arising from the contact with water.