With the birth of all the kids trying to take in the pen — they learn about the world. For their harmonious development it is very important to touch the different texture of surfaces. Soft toys with their hands. made of silk, fleece, Jersey, tulle, fur and other fabrics will help will be an excellent guide into this world.

Of course, in the modern world you can find toys from any fabrics and fillers, but they will not replace soft toys with their own hands, sewn with love. There are no restrictions for fantasy: you can embody any image in a toy, make it unique, exclusive.

Connect to create a toy your child.   Working with details trains fine motor skills, attention and assiduity. Think together what you want to create, draw on paper. Independently think about what parts you can divide the toy: head, trunk, pens, legs, ears. What form should they be? Will the limbs bend? Will the toy sit or stand? How can I stuff a soft toy so that it is interesting and pleasant to the touch? On the Internet you can find a lot of ready-made schemes, but it's better to create your own: but suddenly you will discover hidden talent.

Attract dad to create toys, let him show their strength and agility, turning down the pliers the wires to the frame. Soft toys with their hands, created together with his parents, are a little much more.

Remember the safety rules for baby:

  • Keep pins in a box with a magnet. Each needle pass colored thread: if she loses, it will be easier to find.
  • Use scissors with blunt ends.
  • Depending on the age of the child, trust him the tools with which he can handle. Awl, scissors, iron and sewing machine, the children can use, but only under the supervision of mothers.

Prepare materials and tools:

  • Look in the wardrobe of old things, from which you can make a new toy. Fur, lace, leather, cotton, ribbons — anything can help. It is desirable that you didn't use synthetic fabrics as they can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Multi-colored threads of different thickness.
  • For filling take synthetic. This is an analogue of the silicone and polyester batting (which is sold in rolls at sewing stores), only looks like wool, well washed and not break. Sold by packages. Some small part of the toy can be filled with beads or grains. This toy will be interesting to the touch. And if you fill only the lower part of the trunk, it will be good to sit and not fall.
  • Eyes and nose for toys can be purchased at sewing stores, or to replace them with beads and buttons.
  • Cardboard and thick wire will come in handy for the frame. With the help of wire bent limbs will be able to hold its shape.
  • Pliers and awl is also necessary for installation of the framework.
  • Chalk, ruler, copy paper need for cutting of parts.

Horse Pegasus

  1. As an example we choose the simple pattern for toy horse. Draw on a sheet of paper the pattern – silhouette horses. Choose a fur with a short NAP or a soft fabric (fleece). On the reverse side of the fabric, place the carbon paper, shiny side down. Put the drawn pattern. Draw the figure on a path, pressing so that it will be printed through the carbon paper onto the fabric.
  • Flip your drawing. Try to trace the contour drawing on the back of the sheet to make a mirror reflection of the original pattern. Put a new image on the cloth the same way. Cut out patterns, 3-5 mm in departing from the contour drawing. Extra spacing needed for sewing. So you won't forget to make the indentation, you can draw its outlines on the pattern.
  • Put the pattern on top of each other facing inwards. Sew on the drawn contour leaving a small hole for the wings on the back and a little more on the abdomen. Remove the horse, fill it with filler and sew the abdomen of a hidden seam.
  • Make wings of wide lace or tulle, tying the cloth in a knot in the middle. Get creative: make the wings of multi-colored ribbons, on the wire frame, add sparkles, use shiny ribbons or threads. The node between the wings slide into the hole on the back of the toy and sew a hidden seam.
  • Make the tail and mane: brilliant cut tape and sew it onto the body. Then sew the eyes and stitch to "draw" the mouth.
  • From ropes to make the bridle and made of thick fabric to sew the saddle.
  • Experiment and be creative. To develop motor use when sewing different fabrics.   Soft toys with their own hands can be a good gift for a connoisseur of handwork. Vary with the size and colors. Try also to make interior dolls of Tilda, which are gaining increasing popularity.