With the approach of September, the parents are asking the same question: {!LANG-fb1ce3e1b4476e322aa60d2201014ec1!} How to choose it a beautiful, practical, comfortable outfit that will suit the child and the school administration? How to choose a child's school clothes, tell the country of the Soviets.

Of course, if in school, your child is school uniform{!LANG-7d8464c1c3212f68b41203e9c5369583!}

But school uniforms are not in all schools. In this case, you will need to decide how to dress the child in school. First, find out what requirements to appearance of pupils{!LANG-a94af38e99b60ebdc509843ab6b6704b!}

In addition to the requirements of the school must be taken into account the opinion of the child{!LANG-b0b2904b9a526845850d84d3a5bcc493!}

School uniform of the child should be quality{!LANG-df5fc5081ba65b0e3fd4e1d9713ca3d4!}

Deciding how to dress your child in school, try to go beyond the standard set of "pants/skirt, shirt/blouse, vest, jacket." Classic style can be much more diverse. The shirt can be replaced with knitted turtleneck, a jacket, sweater or a pullover for a boy or Bolero for girls, a skirt, a sundress. You can "play" with all the styles of pants for girls, selecting tapered instead of straight or Vice versa — bell.

Best buy a few sets of clothes{!LANG-d8987aa0c9d5378896879a4ef0f09a85!}

If the school does not limit you in choice of colors, it is, of course, choose soft colors, but to depart from the classical combination "black white". Bright colors for school is unacceptable, they will distract the children, but black and white combination so have all become boring, it makes sense to choose something more cheerful. Good choice green, grey, blue, terracotta, chocolate brown, light pastel shades .

Even the school has strict requirements to clothes, you can choose the child {!LANG-d49e5eaa172850196556a73dea02e501!}. which will slightly dilute the faceless school outfit and give it personality. Tie, scarf, belt, belt, hair clip, colored pantyhose — like things, but the little things enjoyable. But it is better not to abuse the fanciful decorative elements (elaborate bows, buckles, ruffles, etc.). They prevent (especially moving Junior high students) can come off or come loose.

Another important criterion of choice of clothes to school is convenience{!LANG-54c92d7d02831a8596ecacb6a374749f!}

How do you choose clothes for school for your child?{!LANG-00e685a2aece6f46244712ceacabc458!}