With the approach of September, the parents are asking the same question: how to dress a child in school? How to choose it a beautiful, practical, comfortable outfit that will suit the child and the school administration? How to choose a child's school clothes, tell the country of the Soviets.

Of course, if in school, your child is school uniform  the approved coloring and style, you do not need to think about how to put the child in school: you just order a kit of the form. Usually the uniform in such schools is sewn centrally, and you will need to pass money, perhaps, to reduce the child to a fitting, and then take the finished form before the first of September.

But school uniforms are not in all schools. In this case, you will need to decide how to dress the child in school. First, find out what requirements to appearance of pupils  present at the school in which you give the child. Some schools adopt a business style, but otherwise they do not restrict the choice of styles and colors. In the part of schools there are requirements concerning the color of the form (for example, only black, green, blue or burgundy). Somewhere they demand that all schoolchildren must wear jackets. And here and there even classic jeans are allowed, if only the top was decent.

In addition to the requirements of the school must be taken into account the opinion of the child  - within the framework of these requirements, of course. Clothing largely determines our self-confidence. Even in adults, the mood rises if they are dressed nicely and comfortably. With children - the same thing, the clothes that they like, cause them positive emotions. This is especially important for first-graders: for them, the first time in school is stress, and beautiful smart clothes will help to smooth it.

School uniform of the child should be quality  Is one of the main criteria. It is better to choose clothes from natural materials (for the winter - wool, for spring and summer - linen and cotton) with the addition of synthetic fibers or viscose. Thanks to the addition of synthetics, a fabric made from natural fibers will be less scraped. The lining should not be synthetic, but natural, otherwise the clothes will be electrified.

Deciding how to dress your child in school, try to go beyond the standard set of "pants/skirt, shirt/blouse, vest, jacket." Classic style can be much more diverse. The shirt can be replaced with knitted turtleneck, a jacket, sweater or a pullover for a boy or Bolero for girls, a skirt, a sundress. You can "play" with all the styles of pants for girls, selecting tapered instead of straight or Vice versa — bell.

Best buy a few sets of clothes  for different seasons. It is better if each set contains several interchangeable garments (for example, blouses or turtlenecks). Firstly, the child gets bored every day in the same. Secondly, things get dirty, so at any time there should be an opportunity to replace the soiled part of the wardrobe.

If the school does not limit you in choice of colors, it is, of course, choose soft colors, but to depart from the classical combination "black white". Bright colors for school is unacceptable, they will distract the children, but black and white combination so have all become boring, it makes sense to choose something more cheerful. Good choice green, grey, blue, terracotta, chocolate brown, light pastel shades .

Even the school has strict requirements to clothes, you can choose the child accessories. which will slightly dilute the faceless school outfit and give it personality. Tie, scarf, belt, belt, hair clip, colored pantyhose — like things, but the little things enjoyable. But it is better not to abuse the fanciful decorative elements (elaborate bows, buckles, ruffles, etc.). They prevent (especially moving Junior high students) can come off or come loose.

Another important criterion of choice of clothes to school is convenience. all the same the child will spend in her most of his day. You can put the child in school beautifully, but if the child will be uncomfortable in this dress, then a penny the price of such beauty. Trying with a child's school uniform, do not rush it. Let him walk in the chosen clothes on the store, sit, even jump and make sure that it is convenient for him.

How do you choose clothes for school for your child?  What criteria are guided first? We invite parents to share their experiences in the comments to this article.