Will come soon autumn school holidays and for many parents, the question arises: how to spend this time with fun and profit? To the child during the autumn school holidays and had a good rest, gain strength and just have a good time, you need to put a bit of effort. Learn more about how to help your child to make his vacations pleasant and memorable, tell the country of the Soviets.

At the end of October — early November there is a period of autumn school holidays{!LANG-1f9c5eed58e0b7e9d266fbb069ee3f1b!}

After such a "vacation," neither of which the tidal forces can not be considered. If you do not want your child spent the autumn school holidays are boring{!LANG-8c2b03e5c380d6999216552125a4d831!}

For example, during the autumn school holidays you can go with a child in a hot country{!LANG-ef829d5a25e9b673f1beb07ff902e3b8!}

We should not forget about the danger of poisoning by exotic fruits, unusual dishes. Instead of positive emotions you and your child at risk of huge stress. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons"{!LANG-e85dbe91a657fbab7d4ac6d3c63d0127!}

Recently, instead of the hot countries parents choose for the child a trip to Europe or America{!LANG-e1200ec29607bd495c72276a6143b79b!}

Students in these visits {!LANG-d36d958d9aa6edddef86e7021f13f571!}. For participants of educational programs, the organizers are preparing an interesting entertainment, sightseeing tours.

If you decide that the autumn school holidays this year your child will have it thus, you have to choose the right school and program{!LANG-589149f5207ff925c6ec9e9d666fa425!}

Many parents during the school autumn holidays traditionally send children a visit to the grandparents{!LANG-1abeaea5ef31cf061214ee07fdaf278e!}

Visiting grandma the student will be able to relax from the urban bustle, to forget finally about computer shooters{!LANG-d64ec295826b69f84877394c44d50e91!}

If for any reason your child must remain in the school autumn holidays in the city, you may have to face some difficulties. Left to himself, the student can spend the whole day at the TV or at the computer is useful in this little. Try to show children that there are many other ways to occupy yourself.

Cycling, forest walks, ball games — corny? Possible. But it is such simple entertainment for children is not enough. But in bad weather you can stay home and give free rein to creativity: drawing, modeling clay or plasticine, embroidery, weaving beads, making crafts. In fact, almost all children are very willing to do something with their hands{!LANG-c981df63db995431a6599d16f146d030!}

Autumn school holidays short before you know it — guess it's back to school{!LANG-d300d3e14a23e1054dfd16184f1e182d!}