The names of boys by months for the year 2016 according to the Orthodox calendar, Every man dreams that his wife bore him a boy. How much joy is associated with the baby! But above all, parents have a difficult task — to choose the baby's name. The land of the Soviets tell you how to choose a name for the boy.

Each name carries with it not only some sense. It can affect a person's character. Therefore it is always worth to examine the significance of the name You want to name the child. After all, even familiar names of the boys don't always have Russian roots. This will help onomastics — the science that studies the history of the name and its value.

The boys ' names for months 2016 There are certain rules how to choose a name for the boy. You should always be guided by them. Let's start with the fact that psychologists do not recommend to call boys names fathers. They argue that these boys are growing nervous, irritable, Moody and unbalanced. Moreover, such combination of name and patronymic is not always easy to pronounce. Here, of course, there are various shortened forms, for example, San Sanych.

Choosing unusual names for boys, we should not forget that Your son will still be the father. Think in advance as it may sound creative patronymic name the son? You should also think about how to feel Your child is at school, where an unusual name can be a reason for funny nicknames. So try to choose Russian names.

Most often choose the names of boys in the church calendar. The same calendar is used when parents want to choose a name for the girl. For ease of use, we will break the names of the boys by months.

List of beautiful names for boys by month

January. Artem, Fedor, Basil, Philip, Declan, Michael, Proclus, Nicanor, Seraphim, Thaddeus, Ignat, George, Nicholas, Stephen, Jacob, Cyril, Simon, Adam, Sava, Paul, Daniel, Timothy, Valentine, Elizar, Yefim, Theodosius, Prochorus, Gregory, Procopius, Yuri, Benjamin, Nikita, Athanasius, Naum, Maxim, Sergey, Konstantin, Emelyan, Teoctist, Peter, Elijah, Trofim, Ivan, Anton, Mark, Clement.

February. Anton, Alexey, Evgeniy, Ivan, Andrew, David Leonty, Yefim, Dmitry, Herman, Cyril, Ignat, Basil, Alexander, Makar, Timothy, Gabriel, Glen, Philip, Ephraim, Felix, Archie, Roman, Egor, Vlas, Constantine, Jacob, Lawrence, Peter, Valentine, Arsenius, Nicholas, Stephen, Clement, Gennady, Grigory, Gerasim, Simon, George, Maxim, Paul, Julian, Yefim, Savva, Vitaly, Andrew, Nikita, Prochorus, Luke, Hippolyte, Pankrat, Theodore, Zachary, Benjamin, Teoctist, Victor, Porphyry, Valery, Yury, Mayor, Nicephorus, Valerian.

March. Benedict, Fedot, Leontius, T., Nikander, Novel, Vasily, Konstantin, Daniel, Nicephorus, Peter, Savva, Alex, Denis, David, George Kuzma, Cyril, Thomas, Stephen, Jacob, Afanasy Trofim, Makar, Michael, Yuri, Philip, Leonid, Arseniy, Simon, Estelle, Hayley, Paul, Alexander, Theodore, Timothy, Julian, Eugene, Sevastian, Ilya, Gerasim, Victor, Gregory, Heraclius, Mark, Ivan, Valery, Maxim, Anton, Yefim, Arkady, Lev.

The names of the boys: Russian April. Ivan, Innokenty, Alexander, Vasily, Sergey, Nikita, Ashlee, Zachary, Jacob, Anton, Thomas, Tom, Peter, Mark, Plato, Benjamin, Simeon, Mstislav, Andrew, Stephen, Ivan, Makar, Leonid, Martin, George, Daniel, Vadim, Maxim, Savva, Trofim, Gabriel, Yegor, Yuri, Chariton, David.

May. Anton, Victor, Max, Gabriel, Ivan, Cyril, Kuzma, Alex, George, Thomas, Leontius, Nicephorus, Peter Ignat, Alexander, Grigory, Nikita, Colette, Colette, Denis, Constantine, Simon, Vitaly Anatoly, Savva, Mark, Basil, Stephen, Jacob, Boris, Gleb, Roman, David, Herman.

June. Alexander, Andrew, Ivan, Andrew, Stepan, Nikandr, Sergei, Alexei, Constantine, Dmitry, Valery, Michael, Savely, Fedor, Kharitonov, Vasily, Vladimir, Timothy, Gennady, Leontius, Leonid, Nikita, Simon, Theodora, Mstislav, Sylvester, Glen, George, Cyril, Yegor, Nicephorus, Yuri, Makarov, Denis, Paul, Nazarov, Igor, Gregory, Ephraim, Ian, Gabriel, Peter, Arsenius, Sava, Tikhon, Jeremiah, Ignat, Roman, Anton, Carp.

July. Paul, Leontius, Vasily, Ivan, David, Hleb, Philip, Alexander, Peter, Andrey, Anton, Artem, Daniel, Herman, Cyril, Maxim, Ivan, Vladimir, Demian, Nicodemus, Matthew, Svyatoslav, Constantine, Tikhon, Alexis, Roman, Michael, Stanislav, Jacob, Dennis, Terence, Sergei, Valentin, Mark, Thomas, Kuzma, Anatoly, Percy, Stephen, Arsenius, Fedor Fedotov, Leonid, Emelyan, Hypatia, Evsey, Sofron, Demid.

August. The Novel, Clement, Seraphim, Constantine, Kuzma, Ilya, Mikhail, Semyon, Alexander Savva, Trofim, Leontius, Boris, Stepan, Hleb, Denis, David, Makarov, Leonid, Dmitry, Herman, Naum, Nikolay, Maxim, Anton, Amy, Alex, Matthew.

September. Andrew, Daniel, Timothy, Paul, Thaddeus, James, Athanasius, Gennady, Arseny, Emma, Nikita, Peter, Maxim, Nikandr, Fedot, David, Ivan, Cyril, Sawa, Governor Alexander Makar, Clement, Herman, Simon, Anton, Julian, Gleb, Zachary, Michael, Thomas, Chariton, Dmitry, Sergey.

October. Konstantin, Ivan, Stephen, David, Max, Andrew, Trofim, Martin, Ignatius, Fedor, Mark, Michael, Oleg, Chariton, Matthew, Dimitri, Peter, Roman, Dennis, Erofey, Anton, Leonty, Makar, Alex, Vlad, Sergei, Philip, Alexander, Kuzma, Thomas, Benjamin, Gregory, Nikita, Vladimir, Paul, Thomas, Julian, Nazar, Yefim, Luca, Igor.

November. Ivan, Dimitri, Tom, Mark, James, Andrew, Alexander Kuzma, Zinovy, Anton, Heraclius, Emma, Dennis, Vincent, Victor, Arseniy, Constantine, Paul, Ignatius, Eugene, Athanasius, Michael, Orestes, Maxim, Stepan, Casey, Yuri, Nikandr, Herman, Valery, Cyril, Fedot.

December. Roman, Theodore, Plato, Anatoly, James, Andrew, Gregory, George, Ivan, Innokenty, Vasily, Valery, Gabriel, Zachary, Michael, Nahum, Maxim, Savva, Alexander, Alexey Makarov, Anton, Peter, Emma, Stephen, Andrew, Athanasius, Gennady, Nicholas.

In recent years it has become fashionable to choose Slavic names for boys. How to choose the name of the boy in this case? Starting from the values of a Slavic name that can be attached to the child these or those traits. Some Slavic names we keep hearing: Bogdan, Vladimir, Vladislav, Vyacheslav, Stanislav. But there are many other beautiful names for boys which You can call your son:

Bazhen, Beloslav, Berislav, Blahoslav, Bogoljub, Bozidar, Vary, Borimir, Borislav, Bratislav, Bronislaw, Velimir, Velimudr, Velislav, Colette, Semil, Gorislav, Gostomel, Gradimir, Darien, Dobrohleb, Dobromil, Dobroslav, Dragomir, Zhdan, Zlatomir, Mstislav, Ladimir, Love, Lubomir, Luboslav, Milan (Milen), Miloslav, Peacefulness, Miroslav, Mstislav, Potier, Radimir (Radomir, Radim), Radislav (Radoslav), Rostislav, Svetovid, Svyatogor, Slawomir, Tortimer, Tverdislav, Tihomir, Jaromir.