Winter walks with children very pleasant, because everything around is covered with snow, and breathe the air is so prickly, fresh and clean. But young mothers do not always know how to walk with a newborn in the winter. so baby is not frozen and not cold.

Very often young parents are afraid to go out for a walk with the child, if the street gets too cold. Moms and dads are so scared that they will catch cold, that they prefer to sit at home instead of a useful walk in the fresh air. This approach to the development of the child can not be considered correct. The thing is that winter walks are very useful for a child. But you should always know exactly when and how much to walk with the newborn.

Already from the age of 14 days a child can be outside in the winter. But this question is best solved with a doctor. If your child is healthy, nothing prevents you from going for a short walk with a crumb. The length of the walk is always dependent on the temperature of the air. If your baby weighs 3.5-4 kg, you can walk outdoors with your child only in windless weather. It is also desirable that the weather is sunny. Winter walks with the child are best spent in the middle of the day.

Now it is worthwhile to talk separately about the temperature of the air, in which you will walk with the child in the winter. Your walks in winter should become longer and longer each time.At a temperature not exceeding -5 ° С  the first walk should not last more than 15 minutes. Every day you can increase the duration of the walk for 10 minutes. At this temperature, you should not walk for more than an hour.

At a lower temperature  (up to -15 ° C) the first walk can last no more than 10 minutes. Every day, increase the length of stay in the fresh air for 5 minutes. But in general, walks should not last longer than 30 minutes. And hereif the temperature outside the window dropped below -15 ° С. it would be better to postpone the walk. Make sure to regularly ventilate the room in which Your child is.

That the winter walk gave you pleasure,should choose the right clothes. For both newborns and older children, the best choice for winter clothing is overalls. Stop your choice on the overall-transformer. It is not only easy to put on a child, it is also very warm. You will be sure that the child will not be cold.

Don't forget that do not overdo the baby too much. Winter clothes for a newborn should be such that it was not too hot. Always wear your baby as you do. You should not wear a baby in ten sweaters, and then also wrap in blankets and warm downy shawls. The child's nervous system will not function properly if it becomes too hot. If your crumb is cool, he will always let you know about it. Therefore, just in case, you can just take with you one blanket, which you can hide the baby.

During winter walks, always remember that your baby still has very sensitive skin. thereforebe sure to use protective equipment. Do not also close the window in the stroller. You went on a walk to breathe the fresh frosty winter air. In addition, you can always see the child's face and determine if it is frozen.

How to walk with a child in winter, You yourself can determine. If you or a child froze after 5 minutes of walking, do not stay on the street. Urgently go home. By the way, to determine if the baby is frozen, it can be very easy. The child will be very nervous or cry so that you can not calm him down. And do not pay attention to the cold nose - so you can not determine if the child is frozen or not.

Now you know how much to walk with the newborn in the winter. Therefore, boldly go out for walks, breathe fresh cool air and look at the snow-streaked streets.