When the child goes to school, in front of parents raises the question of workplace design. Many people buy a Desk that can "grow" to no longer had to buy new furniture. But special a party to the student more preferable option than a normal Desk.

First, the Desk is designed for adults who already know how to keep good posture (well, ideally, of course). The child only learns that his spine is still evolving. A party to the student should be made taking into account anatomic features of children that age. to help form a correct posture.

Secondly, children grow quickly, and the Desk height is usually not adjustable. There are two options: if you bought a table of suitable height, when the child grows up, he begins to stoop, because the table will be too low. If you bought a table that can "grow", the child will try to reach the countertops, the result is a curving of the spine. And so, the desks height is adjustable, so the party to the student will "grow" with him.

Choose the Desk together with the child to the store, he was able to sit behind a Desk, tried to pee or paint in General, you should be able to make sure that the Desk is really convenient. But, of course, long hikes with a junior high school student are a dubious pleasure for both parents and the child. Therefore, it is worthwhile first to look after a few desks, and then comes with the child "for fitting."

What should be a good Desk for a student? If you are going in the near future to update the furniture, choose a Desk with adjustable height (Desk-transformer). A fairly wide range of adjustment will not allow changing the desk up to the senior classes. The mechanism of adjustment should be light and traumatic-safe (so that the child, if possible, could change the height of the desk) and at the same time reliable, with good fixation (so that the tabletop unexpectedly does not "collapse" downwards).

Also a party to the student should have adjustment not only the height but also the angle of the table top. In the junior classes for writing, reading, drawing, it is advised to use a table top with a slope, the older ones need an even table. So it is desirable to choose a desk in which the angle of inclination is adjustable in the range from 0 to 16 degrees. The requirements for the tilt adjustment mechanism are the same as for the height adjustment mechanism.

In General, the whole design of the Desk should be safe for the baby. Choose a Desk with a sturdy frame. It should not be protruding elements that can catch. A party to the student must be stable, not loose and does not slide on the floor. It is desirable that the corners were rounded.

If you have a small apartment, you should pay attention to the size of the Desk. A school desk for a schoolboy can be both large and compact enough, it is clear that the smaller the room, the smaller the desk (but not at the expense of the child's comfort!). For very small rooms there are corner desks.

Very important and the material from which is made the Desk. It needs to be environmentally safe, do not release formaldehyde and other hazardous substances. Be sure to ask the seller a certificate certifying the safety of their desks. Of course, the ideal is a party to the student of wood, but such desks are more expensive. In any case, cover desks should not be glossy. brilliant - it will blink, the result - rapid eye fatigue and problems with eyesight. The worktop should be easy to clean.

Additional "bonuses" that will help to make the final choice, ceteris paribus, can become accessories. For example, some desks are supplied with supports for different types of floor coverings (hard and soft). A hook for hanging a knapsack, a drawer, a movable ruler, a book shelf, a writing tray are not necessary elements, but useful.

Even the ability to choose from several colors can also tip the scales towards a particular model. Butthe color of the Desk should not be too bright. he will distract and tire the child.

Finally, a party to the student-you have to like him. After all, this child will be for her to work for several years, not you. So be sure to respect his opinion. In addition, the child will be proud that the parents listen to him, ask him about his opinion.

To the Desk and chair. Usually special orthopedic chairs are sold complete with a desk. It should be not too hard and not too soft, to help maintain a correct posture. The chair also needs a comfortable and safe height adjustment mechanism, as well as a depth of sitting.

The correct party to the student — the key to good health and good school performance .