Very often mothers do not take their children to the stores when they buy clothes. Yes, and pull a child who is tired, wants to eat or sleep, the next store does not make sense. Here also it is necessary to come back home without a new jacket, panties or a skirt for the child. To facilitate your task, you can know in advancesize clothing for children and buy things, not trying it on the child.

If you know the children's sizes of clothes, you can safely shop, not only in the store, but also on the Internet. You can easily order any clothes and do not worry that a new thing will be small for your child. But even if you buy clothes in the store, you can never orient yourself "by eye". After all, you can not always accurately determine the right size. Moreover, it should be taken into account that the size of clothes for children will differ from the country of origin. After allEurope, the US and Russia use different markings .

To determine the size of clothing, you should measure your child's growth and girth of his chest, waist and hips. Choose the closest options to easily recognize the size of your child's clothing. So, the size of clothes for children depends on the age and sex of the child.

For children up to 8 years  there are such sizes of clothes:

Growth of a child (cm)

If you use this size chart children's clothing, you will learn what things will suit your child. Measure your child and choose the closest parameters in the table to determine the size you want.

For boys and older girls already use different tables of children's sizes. But again, to determine the size of clothing your child can only measure his height and girth of hips, waist and chest. So, children's clothing for girls from 8 years old has the following dimensions :

Growth of a child (cm)

Chest girth (cm)

Waist circumference (cm)

Thigh Circumference (cm)

Children's clothing for boys has similar dimensions. But it will not be superfluous to determine exactly the size of the child's clothes:

Growth of a child (cm)

Chest girth (cm)

Waist circumference (cm)

Thigh Circumference (cm)

But do not forget that sometimes different manufacturers can use their own size labeling. Therefore, if you are going to buy clothes for a child in a brand store, be prepared for the fact that the size indicated on the label can be indicated not by numbers, but by letters. Also, manufacturers from different countries can use their own labeling.

Given the labeling of the sizes of children's clothes is international. But in Russia, Europe, USA and England constantly use their own marking. In this case, you'll need to know whether the size of children's clothing .

Use different tables to determine exactly what size of clothes your child has.

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