One of the dangerous mistakes which may be committed by parents, is the treatment of a small child "adult" medications: medicines intended for adults can make the child worse. It is therefore very important to know prohibited medications. which children can be given.

Prohibited medications for children do not need medication, officially forbidden for sale. Many of them can be bought over the counter without a prescription, but to give their child absolutely not! One of these drugs is the well — known aspirin{!LANG-ddcb3de60698e6e34a0bab6be0350161!}

Second, for some children, aspirin can cause Reye's syndrome{!LANG-6e0b9faae25cb5fd6772f89ab0525152!}

Prohibited drugs at an elevated temperature include Metamizole (dipyrone), aspirin (aminopyrine, aminophenazone), phenazone (antipyrine){!LANG-cdd3768f0858dbb04dacbcb5b5e79b98!}

No antipyretic drug, even specially designed for children {!LANG-a72ed0986a26f9a43fe0db463a7fb35a!}{!LANG-383bca22359c313607a7f9b91276fd5c!}

Also prohibited medications for children include levomicetinom and boric alcohol in otitis. Some parents still in the old burying children in the ear alcohol drugs. But when such treatment is very likely to burn. The days when alternatives to alcoholic drugs have been long gone. Now there are many gentle but effective drops in the ears, so the use of "primitive" medicines should be abandoned.

Any analgesics for pain in the stomach of a prohibited drug{!LANG-be6006f957dd1de3d10eb5f9ce288e32!}

For problems with the stomach {!LANG-d93d179228576b4167fe503bcf7e45d7!}. this is dangerous: potassium permanganate can cause burns of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it is poorly excreted from the body, and its accumulation in the body dangerous. Diarrhea it is impossible to give a fixing means{!LANG-1218028f1dc8944c0f0922a2f2ca65a5!}

Antibiotics without prescription is also forbidden medicines for children. Any antibiotic is a very strong drug that you cannot give just. Antibiotics without needing or exceeding the recommended dose is fraught with side effects and complications. Only a doctor can find the right antibiotic and right dose (which, incidentally, is not calculated for age, and weight of the child). So, before the arrival of the doctor, no antibiotics.

Also prohibited medications for children include homeopathic medicines and hormonal pills{!LANG-dcf0980d78b2b3601724ce6c7d25971f!}

In General, the treatment of the child should remember two main things: never willfully do not give your child potent drugs without a doctor's prescription and never treat the child "like a neighbor"{!LANG-3cfd0eafff1f61c058ba7cdc78b9b42c!}