If not all, very many teenage girls in high school begin to paint. Partly to appear older, partly to hide the flaws and thus to cope with the complexes. It is not necessary to forbid my daughter to paint — it is better to explain to her how to be a makeup for teenagers.

To forbid something to a teenager in most cases useless. If you forbid your daughter to paint, you are unlikely to achieve anything. most likely, she will do it secretly from you, using for this purpose the cosmetics of girlfriends, the elder sister or your own. Not too hygienic, you will agree.

Therefore, it is better to buy daughter own set of cosmetics — even if minimal — and to explain to her the basic rules of makeup. rules of applying cosmetics, the difference between day and evening makeup, the relevance of makeup in a particular situation. It should be noted that the basic rules remain unshakable, but in addition, makeup for teenagers also has its own characteristics, dictated by the young age of high school students.

Many teenage girls wear makeup according to the principle "the more, the better", so that the makeup was noticeable. It is important to explain to them that the task of makeup is to emphasize the advantages and hide flaws, pay attention to the person and not imposed on him cosmetics. Bright makeup destroys the charm of youth. Therefore, makeup for teenagers should be as natural as possible.

In addition, makeup is necessary to use special cosmetics for Teens. It is designed with the features of problematic adolescent skin. And "adult" makeup can only make skin problems, zakuporit pores. Girl needs to get used to using only their makeup and tools for makeup. By the way, it is desirable to choose tools from natural materials. They need to be washed every day.

Makeup for Teens starts with applying a tonal framework. The main problem of many teenage girls is that they try to disguise acne and other imperfections with a thick layer of Foundation. This not only helps, but also aggravates problems with the skin, because the cream clogs the pores.

Foundation should have a light consistency and is fully consistent with the skin tone. On the face you need to apply a small amount of cream lightly patting movements. Over the cream, you can apply a little powder to fix the effect. It is better to prefer friable powder compact: with compact it is easier to go too far. If skin imperfections are punctate, you can generally abandon the tonal basis, disguising them with a concealer and sprinkling the skin with a thin layer of powder.

Now for the eye makeup. Teenage girls forget about the fat black arrows, at this age, they look inappropriate and vulgar. Teenage makeup must be soft and delicate. Instead of black liner, it is better to use gray or nut-colored liners, and the line of liner can not be made too thick. The palette of shadows, too, must be gentle, pastel. Do not overdo it with mascara: do not apply it in three layers. Instead of black carcass, you can use gray or brown.

Lip makeup should also be unobtrusive. Teenagers should not use too saturated colors of lipstick, dark and bright. Better to give preference to gentle the lipstick or gloss pink or coral tones, shades should be warm and natural. To use the liners for lips too, not worth it, not even all adult women know how to draw lips. If you want to emphasize the volume of the lips with transparent Shine, you need to apply it on the entire lip, but only on the middle.

And it is very important not only to teach a teenage girl to paint, but to teach her how to properly wash makeup. It is necessary to buy a soft remedy to remove makeup and teach the girl to think that makeup must be washed off before going to bed. For adolescents, this is especially important: their skin is so problematic, and if you leave cosmetics on your face for the night, these problems can be aggravated enough that no make-up will save you.

To ban a teenage girl makeup — not the best idea. Far better, if you teach her how to put on makeup correctly and to care for the skin. then over time, the awkward teenage girl will turn into a well-groomed and elegant woman.