The first time giving your baby to a kindergarten, almost all parents face the same problem: the child begins to get sick more often. How can you ensure a stronghealth of children in kindergarten   and avoid frequent colds or infectious diseases? Useful recommendations are in the Land of Soviets.

The poor health of children in kindergarten has always been a big problem. The child, for the first time getting to the kindergarten,it turns out a pretty aggressive viral-microbial. because in the team can be children with a cold, runny nose, etc. And that is why in a kindergarten a child is often under the threat of diseases.

To improve the health of children in kindergarten. you need to observe a few fairly simple rules. To begin with, if the child only has to enter the kindergarten, you need to address the strengthening of his immunity. So, it is necessary to give the child to walk outdoors, to ensure the maintenance in the daily diet of the child of all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

The child does not need to create "greenhouse conditions". trying to protect him in every possible way from the slightest influence of the environment. This means that you do not need to excessively wrap a child during walks, you do not need to create "cleanliness" in the house. It is better to give the child more contact with other children (this is also useful in terms of social development), regularly carry out hardening procedures.

The health of children in kindergarten depends not only on the state of immunity. but, it turns out, also on how much the kids are psychologically comfortable in the walls of a preschool institution. If a child goes to the garden with tears, if he can not get used to the collective, his health will not be the best way.

thereforeadaptation of the child in the kindergarten should be given special attention. We must try to choose a garden in which the child would like. It is also necessary to prepare the baby for the first hike in the kindergarten: to tell how fun he can spend time there, how he can play with other children.

To be fully confident that the health of children in kindergarten will not be shaken, best before entering the garden to go with the child a medical examination. During the examination, the doctor will determine whether the child is healthy, whether it has signs of any beginning disease. If the immunity of the child is weakened after the illness, then it is better to wait until the immunity gets stronger, and then to lead the baby to the kindergarten.

Often the health of children in kindergarten suffers from the fact that parents bring into the group of a knowingly sick child. This behavior of parents could become infected other children in the community and complication of the disease of their child. Possible sick child need to leave the house.

True, and reinsured, holding the child at home for 3-4 weeks with the slightest suspicion of a cold, is also not worth it. The fact is that during this time in the children's team there will already be new viruses and microbes, and therefore the child runs the risk of getting sick again immediately after the first visit to the kindergarten.

The health of children in kindergarten   - this is the responsibility of both the garden staff and parents. By common efforts it is necessary to try to create for children all the conditions for proper and healthy development.